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Top Things that You Need to Know Before You Travel to Australia

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Australia really is one of the most incredible and diverse areas in the world. It may look small, but it is actually the 6th largest country. It is bigger than all European countries put together and it has just as much to offer as well.

Road Trips are Hard

If you want to go out on a road trip then you should note that it will take you more than 9 hours to drive from Sydney to Melbourne. If you are planning a trip to Australia then you will want to give yourself lots of time to get out there and explore. If you want to hop between cities then your best bet would be to fly, or if you want to go off the beaten path a little and explore the outback then you may want to book a vacation that is at least a month or two long. Even though you’ll be going for a really long time, you probably still won’t have enough time to see everything. Australia is huge, but it is home to some of the most amazing sites in the world. If you do want to go ahead with the road trip idea, why not consider Charity Drive? It’s a great way to see the sights while helping a great cause.

australian map with pins

Australia Can be Expensive

Instead of booking through a really good airline, it helps to book through someone who can offer you a cheaper flight. This is because the food and accommodation there will be expensive and transportation isn’t cheap either. If you aren’t sure how your trip is going to pan out then why not consider just booking a single flight, so that you can book your return whenever you want? You can also try and travel overland as well, and consider sight-seeing tours instead of renting a car.

Cook Your Own Food

It’s way cheaper to cook your own food than it is to go out there and fine-dine every day. The best thing about Australia is that there are plenty of grocery chains out there and they have a huge range of BBQ food available. When you cook your own food, you can easily set up a small BBQ in the park and this is a great way for you to get out there and meet new people. You also need to remember that you don’t need to drink all the time and you can easily bring your own alcohol as well.

Sydney Harbour Bridge at night

Learn the Lingo

There are a lot of different meanings to various words in Australia, for example, thongs are known as being flip-flops and capsicums are peppers. You’ll also find that downtown isn’t known as being “downtown” in Australia. If you want to travel down here then you will want to call it the “CBD” instead. This is known as being the central business district. If you happen to get sick or need medication, ask for a chemist, not a pharmacy as well. If you don’t then you may find yourself going in the wrong direction.

The Gems To Explore In Western Australia

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Australia is such a vast country. Taking more than four hours in a plane to get from one side to the other. People tend to have Australia on their bucket list, but this is a huge error on their part. Not because you shouldn’t ever go, of course you should, it is because it is so big you can never see all of it on just the one vacation. You need to be specific with your areas. Doing this may mean that you add popular locations on the list such as Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast. But I wanted to shed some light on Western Australia and highlight some of the gems worth a visit there. I hope it inspires you to consider Western Australia as place to visit.

perth bay


Perth is actually the capital of Western australia, so no visit would be complete without checking out the city first. The city itself sits where the Swan River meets the South-West coast, making it a real diverse town and lots to explore. This is why car rental in Perth is a must to make sure you get the most out of the area. Sandy beaches line the suburbs, and the huge Botanic Gardens on the riverside is a must offering fantastic views. For all those history buffs out there or people who enjoy sightseeing then there is also the Western Australia Museum to explore.


Broome is a beach resort town in Western Australia and is situated in the Kimberley region. It has an Indian Ocean coastline, and one of the major attractions happens to be 22 km long cable beach. Which offers a fantastic and dramatic backdrop in the evening especially when exploring via a camel. For other people who enjoy a little history lesson or two, at Gantheaume point there can be dinosaur tracks found imprinted on to the red rocks during the low tides. There is also local pearl farms if you wanted to explore a different side to this area.


Freemantle is a port city in Western Australia and is most well-known for its maritime history. There are also other areas this point of interest is known for such as Victorian architecture and there are even still some points of interest noting back to the British Penal Colony. This port town certainly has a real laid back vibe about it, and it should definitely be a stop off point for when exploring Western Australia in more detail.


Finally, our last suggestion is the smaller coastal town of Exmouth situated in the North-West cape of Western Australia. It is a gateway to many different attractions including the Ningaloo Marine Parks with its amazing coral reefs and migratory whale sharks. There are sheer cliff drops, a protective surround natural area where kangaroos roam and rocky gorges. It certainly is picturesque and definitely worth a visit.

I hope that this has inspired you to consider some of the major spots and attarctions Western australia has to offer.

Staying Safe Away From Home

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Staying safe when you’re away from home can take a lot of planning; you’re in a new place that you don’t know much about, there’s often a language barrier keeping you from communicating properly, and there’s a chance you’re going to miss the plan home! Maybe you’re a nervous traveller but you’re determined to not let that stop you, or you’ve simply never tried it out before; there shouldn’t ever be personal physical worries that stop you from seeing the sights you want to!

So whether you’re travelling alone or in a group, or you’re travelling to the Far East or as Far West as you can go, there’s some good safety tips to keep in mind. If you’re planning a trip away when you next get a week off work, this is the list for you! Here’s some of the best things to remember when you’re touching down in another country.


Treat the Area Like Home

And with that, make sure you’re not doing anything you wouldn’t do when out and about in your own town and neighborhood! If you’re behaving normally, you’re respectful of your surroundings, and you’re not going to get in trouble with anyone patrolling the streets. Not only can this make the place feel more like home, and you feel more normal when you’re in it, it means you’re not immediately sticking out like a sore thumb!

Don’t let yourself be afraid of any areas; if you have a liking for the market on Sundays back home, make sure you’re attending ones that take place abroad. Even if there’s huge crowds around, this is a place to make sure you’re getting a taste of home in a habitat you know you can rock! Haggle to your heart’s content, there always seems to be a general language trend when it comes to market stalls.

Blend in as Much as You Can

Acting like a tourist. It’s something we’re all afraid of doing when we’re abroad, lest we look out of place or make ourselves more of a target to less than stellar street activities. However, how else are you meant to act when you’re a tourist? There’s some things you should try to steer clear of when you’re out on the streets…

This relates to the point above, but deserves a paragraph of its own. Blending in often comes naturally, and the more you go out and about in the country, the more you’re going to feel like you know it. Make sure you’re doing everything the locals are doing; eat at the same restaurants or food stalls, shop in the same places, be respectful when they are. Not only does this make you blend in more, but it also means you won’t be falling into any tourist traps simply looking to suck up your money.

Try to dress in the same styles and colours as the people around you as well. When you look like the crowd, you’re more likely to fit into it with no problem. It also means you’re not standing out unnecessarily by dressing in fluorescent schemes, just like a tourist would. And remember, you don’t want to accidentally offend anyone when it come to being accepted by a population. Behaving in similar manners is the best way to avoid this.

Have a Base to Come Back to

Wherever you choose to bed down is going to have a huge effect on how safe you feel and whether you’re trusting enough to leave your bags. If you can’t afford any of the hotels with a clean and shiny reputation, you’ve either moved to considering hostels for young tourists like yourself or you’re thinking of calling the trip off until some deals roll around. And sure, that might be a good idea, but it isn’t the only one you have at your disposal!

If you’ve got some money stashed away for a rainy day, now’s the time to use it! If you find a HDB flat for rent, make sure you’re looking to get the deal on your plate. If you have a home base away from home that isn’t a hotel, you’re going to feel a lot more secure in the territory, and it can even work out cheaper if you’re going for a while. So maybe you’re on a business trip, or you’re simply exploring every nook and cranny you come across; trying to get a foot on the property ladder of the country of your choice is a great idea.

Leave Valuables Behind

When you’re going out during the day, make sure everything you need to stay safe and legal in the country are safely packed back at the hotel or stashed away in a safe/locker. You don’t want to be flaunting a passport or your VISA around in your bag; these can very easily be grabbed and lost forever to you. Similarly, when it comes to using a camera, try to cover up the labels or name of the brand, as the names alone can make you more of a target.

If you feel safer carry personal effects on you at all times, make sure they’re covered up and actually attached to your person. Maybe under a belt underneath a shirt, or even in a leg pocket that’s not near your torso; it’s not exactly fashionable, but it’s a lot more discreet and you’re going to have a lot less trouble with anyone taking notice of something swinging nearer your ankles.

Walk with Confidence

When you’re confident, very few people question you. And when you’re confident, you look like you know what you’re doing and where you’re going. So one of the best things you can do is stride your way along the paths and sidewalks, even when you don’t know where you are!

Staying safe when you’re travelling doesn’t have to be difficult. Make sure you’re aware of your surroundings and what might go on before you go, and then behave in the way the locals do.

Staying Healthy While Visiting Australia

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Australian flag

If you have booked your dream holiday to Australia, you are no doubt feeling excited! However, while holidays are incredible, there is just one problem: they interfere with our fitness goals. If you made a pledge to be healthier in 2018, and you are worried your trip to Australia is going to set you back, don’t be. You can still have an amazing time while also being healthy, and here are the ways to do so…

Embrace exercise while in Australia – There is no reason why you should give up your exercise routine while on holiday. In fact, this gives you the perfect chance to take up a new sport or form of exercise. Yoga is now available at Forest Rise, as well as other popular spots in Australia, and this is a great way to get a healthy mind as well as a healthy body, which is just as important. You could also sign up for a boot camp, take a dance class, or go cycling. The options are endless. Or, why not go down the traditional route and book a cricket or rugby lesson?

Pick restaurants in advance – There are lots of great restaurants in Australia. Research them in advance so you can pick places with plenty of healthy options.

Find inspiration – There are many different platforms that can give you the inspiration you need to be fitter and healthier while on holiday. You can use Instagram and Pinterest, for example. You can also follow YouTube channels that have healthy recipes and inspirational stories. Not only will this give you the motivation you need to continue on your journey while in Australia, but it will cure boredom while travelling too.

Have a goal – Why do you want to be healthier? Why do you want to lose weight? Write down all of the reasons why you are on this mission for a New You. By doing this, you will keep your goals clear in your mind and you will be motivated to achieve them, even while on vacation. Every time you are feeling tempted to break your healthy eating cycle or to skip your exercise routine, refer to this piece of writing and it will ensure you don’t fall off the wagon.

Make sure the people you’re travelling with are on your side – Explain how important it is for you to stay on track with your health and fitness goals, and your true friends will stick by you.

If you follow the advice that has been mentioned above, you should be able to achieve your health and fitness goals without compromising your holiday. If you fall of the wagon again, simply get back up and keep going. There’s no harm in eating that piece of chocolate or giving into temptation so long as you don’t allow it to derail you completely.

The Top 5 Countries For Wildlife Holidays

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Travel might be a fantastic opportunity to see jaw dropping vistas to experience cultures that you might otherwise zero exposure to. But it’s important to remember who we share this Earth with as we globe-trot, as well. For that reason, we’re going to take a look at some of the single best countries in the world to visit for wildlife vacations.

Shark in blue water

Though it has a comedic reputation for having some incredibly dangerous critters, Australia is one of the most ecology unique countries in the world. Cut off from migratory animals from other continents for a long time, it still retains a lot of distinct character. But perhaps the best chance to get up close and personal with the local fauna is swimming with the sharks off the east coast.

When you think of wildlife trips, what is your first thought? For most people, it is going to be the safari. African safari trips offer some of the richest opportunities to see the most diverse of creatures. Tanzania, South Africa, and Botswana all deserve to be on this list. However, if we had to choose one African safari location, and we’re going to limit ourselves to one, the nit has to go to the sweeping valley of Masai Mara, where some of the largest migrations in the world happen, all visible from a hot air balloon.

The Galapagos
If you want to get really isolated, then how about visiting a chain of islands where there are fewer than 30,000 people? Since their discovery, they have been an ecological marvel with a wide list of unique species. With giant tortoises, colorful birds, numerous iguanas, and all other sorts of creatures that simply cannot be seen anywhere else in the world, it is a must-see destination for anyone who considers themselves a zoological enthusiast.

While Kuala Lumpur is fast becoming one of the crowning jewels of the booming southeast tourism industry, it is just as rich as countries like South Africa when it comes to unique wildlife. Malaysian tigers, Asian elephants, mousedeer and tapirs are easy to find thanks to places like the Tabin Wildlife Reserve. The country only recently passed an act guaranteed greater conservation efforts, so supporting the fight by visiting is more important than ever.

The US is a huge country and thus it’s going to have a huge eco-diversity. The best place to visit in the US for a wildlife holiday, in a lot of peoples’ opinions, is Yellowstone National Park. Beyond being the largest National Park and one of the most volcanically active places in the whole world, it’s a great place for tours that bring you close to grizzly bears, wild wolf packs, bison, elk, otters, and much more.

Many wildlife vacations are more than a booming part of the tourist industry worldwide. A lot of them, especially those run in National Parks, are important parts of our conservation efforts and the money made from tourism can also help protect the very creatures we marvel at. If you want to be a conscientious traveler, choose conscientious wildlife adventures, too.

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