Instagram has changed and now promotion is hard: which methods are working and which aren’t anymore?

Instagram has changed and now promotion is hard: which methods are working and which aren’t anymore?

There are thousands of various articles online that tell what exactly you have to do to make your content supported and spread around, yet very little of these pieces of advice actually work. In this text we’ve decided to give you several tips on how to make your account popular and your audience grow in geometrical progression.

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If you registered on Instagram for business and not for just finding a small but loyal audience, you have to think these moments through and plan everything ahead. You have to focus on your exact aim and decide what you’re going to do next starting from this point. All the purchases of followers, thumbs up and comments are going to depend on this decision.

If you’re an owner of a big account that has something to do with sales and services, you should definitely think about buying impressive numbers of followers and likes, because this is a great way to make other people think that you’re already known and successful in real life and online. That’s an example: numbers of bought services and all the steps that you’re going to go through during promotion will depend on your aims in the first place.

Don’t forget to reshare! Text, photo and video content is loved on each platform and people who’re not following you on Instagram but might know your account on another website might want to become followers on Insta as well if they love what you’re posting. Repost all the posts if there is a possibility to do so, create interactive publications on each social media page of yours and of course leave the links to your posts on Insta. It might help you with attracting even more people than you were planning to do in the very beginning; if you add promotion of these pages into your development plan as well you can get the greatest results ever.

No matter how many reposts, tags, locations and collaborations you do and use, the key to success is still an interaction with your audience that includes stories, answering to all the direct messages and always being there for them in comments. This is what your promotion should base on and this is the starting point for you to build trustful relationships with the audience. Without that your profile will be “dead” in no time with just a slight chance to regain the social proof.

Where do you find effective, cheap and real followers?

If you find the right place to make this purchase and invest the right amount of money you’ll be able to gain great advantages that will boost your profile to another level of popularity and social proof. Even if you are buying followers you are still able to save social proof and keep on gaining it from your already existing audience: the only thing you should care about is buying real followers. We mean followers that are actual people who are using Instagram, who have their bio filled in and have their own posts there. You shouldn’t purchase them from a questionable resource without even figuring out if these are real or fake: put some of your time into researching the promo company’s website, reading the reviews from previous buyers and talking to their managers.

We understand that it takes time, but putting money into nothing is frustrating and should be avoided at all costs. Real followers are usually being delivered to a certain account during one day, sometimes a little longer than that. It takes some time to recruit enough real profiles on Instagram who are keen on cooperating with a promo company for a reward.

A decent company takes care of their clients’ comfort and offers tons of paying options so everybody could choose something suitable and convenient. They have a well-done and nicely designed website, the menu of options is pretty wide and you can actually create something customized with the help of managers. Plus, there should be some kind of a discount system which would offer regular clients some kind of benefits — basically, this is the only reason to stay with a certain company and keep buying their services, choosing them over other alternatives. And if you’re looking for a decent promo company with conditions like this, check out