What advantages has Japanese manufacturers of vitamins and mineral supplements?

Japanese manufacturers of vitamins and mineral supplements have the advantage to truly focus on health and wellness in all its nuances as Japanese culture is all about living healthier for longer. Scrutinize the meaning of life when you open your eyes in the morning. Immerse yourself in the green of the woods. Getting up from the table before being full. These are Japanese responses to contemporary darkness, glimpses of a thousand-year-old philosophy that even mainstream medicine now faces. A philosophy that teaches you to age gracefully, which encourages you to slow down, which invites you to tune into the beauty of nature.

It may be because it maintains the first place in the longevity rankings, or because it regularly appears among the ten most peaceful countries, the fact is that Japan has become central in the reflections that accompany the life sciences. From genetics to cardiology, from immunology to nutrition.

After centuries of marginalization, the culture of the Rising Sun has seduced European thought and has taken root in a profound way. Far beyond Japan mania, that transversal trend that incorporates sushi and green tea, manga and martial arts, novels by Haruki Murakami and self-help manuals.

Curiously, researchers study lifestyles to try to explain why the Japanese, on average, spend the first 75 years of their existence in perfect health.

Ishoku-dogen, food as medicine Let’s take Okinawa, one of the places on Earth where the highest number of centenarians and over-centenarians are concentrated. How do they get there to a ripe old age in an exceptional state of physical and mental health? And why do we get much less sick on that island than diabetes or atherosclerosis, cancer or Alzheimer’s? Even osteoporosis has a lower incidence. Part of the mystery is explained with nutrition, which is inspired by the philosophy of the Ishoku-dogen, “food is like a medicine”. People eat little, they have the habit of getting up from the table when they are only 80 percent full (Hara hachi bu, is the Japanese saying).

It feeds on vegetables, lots of fish, rice, kombu seaweed. Among legumes, many soy beans are consumed: the evidence of scientific studies is such that it should be recommended to eat them to all those who have problems of hypercholesterolemia, instead of animal proteins. Another ingredient of the Japanese tables that seems to establish excellent relationships with our body is turmeric, the yellow spice studied for its anti-inflammatory powers. Anyone who wants to remain faithful to the traditions of his home should also give up exotic touches, but never miss vegetables.

This cultural focus on food and having access to many different kind of natural organic products from the green areas and the sea rich in properties for our overall health is definitely another huge advantage as it’s a way to truly create some healthy powerful and effective supplements mixing spices, roots, veggies and more natural sources so dear to their culture and tradition dating back to the golden age of the Heian dynasty and the ancient art of wellness in all its nuances and shades. Basically, taking Japanese vitamins and mineral supplements is a way to connect to the ancient Japanese tradition and its focus on all thing’s health, wellness, and happiness.  You can read more and choose some3 Japanese supplements here