How to make the most of Instagram Ads?

How to make the most of Instagram Ads?

There is no magic formula: the one size fits all when it comes to Instagram Ads does not exist.

Depending on the business objectives, target audience and available budget, the strategy changes: like a chameleon, it adapts perfectly to the habitat in which it fits.

An example? If we wanted to reach an audience over 65, Instagram is not the place to go. If, on the other hand, we were fashion bloggers, we would have to have really high budgets available to be able to obtain a positive ROI in such a competitive sector.

Much of the success of an ad therefore depends on the choice of the public and the type of ad promoted. Buy Instagram followers is necessary.

So, what content to sponsor on Instagram?

As mentioned in the paragraph dedicated to giveaways on Instagram, contests are excellent examples of high engagement posts that are worth sponsoring.

Other posts that can involve potential Instagram followers are interactive ones: ask questions, create polls …look for a reaction from those who read you especially in Instagram stories. If you are willing to boost engagement, may visit top website to buy Instagram likes.

Other examples of high potential posts? Discounts and news, of course.

In the first case we have the possibility to push the people who are at the last step of the sales funnel towards the purchase ; in the second, we can attract a new audience interested in the product we have included in our collection.

Sign up for Engagement Group and Instagram Pod

Are you just starting to learn how to increase Instagram followers? This tactic is perfect for beginners. Some of the newcomers to Instagram have seen their followers increase rapidly with these strategies.

What did they do differently? They signed up for the Engagement Group and Instagram Pod.

These are groups (on Facebook, on Telegram or sometimes on Instagram itself) in which participants support each other in promoting content. According to a system of rules, each time you post content you can share it and get likes / shares / comments from the rest of the participants.

Obviously it is a practice not really well seen by Instagram, so be careful how you use it.

 How to find the right engagement groups

While the temptation to join the most followed engagement groups is strong, you will get more targeted Instagram followers and free Instagram likes by staying in your niche. You can also buy Instagram likes without any risk.

You can find engagement groups and Instagram Pods for travel, beauty, fashion, and more.

Thanks to these groups, it is possible to receive Instagram followers and “likes” from users who have common interests with yours or those of your brand. But if you are serious about getting attention, you also need to return the favor by following the profiles of whoever is part of the group.

Some Instagram Pods are restricted access: in most cases, they are groups with very few members – therefore very exclusive – and can be accessed either by invitation or with a payment.

Some of my friends got 2,000 new followers in a couple of weeks using this strategy. And while these followers don’t help you with immediate sales, they allow you to gain credibility, so that a customer who enters your Instagram profile doesn’t see just 38 followers.


This strategy is effective in the short term, to increase free Instagram followers in the first few weeks and to have a base from which to start. For the long term it is necessary to apply different strategies.