An Honest Look at the Yogibo and Moon Pod

An Honest Look at the Yogibo and Moon Pod

If you’re looking to buy a high-quality bean bag chair, you’re probably going to narrow your final options down to two choices: the Yogibo and the Moon Pod. This is because these competitors sell what looks to be a very similar product on the surface, but when you dig down deeper, you’ll see that one of these brands is clearly superior to the other. The Yogibo beats out the Moon Pod in nearly every major aspect.


The main Yogibo product is called the Yogibo Max, so that’s the one we’ll use to compare alongside Moon Pod’s only product (not including accessories, which can be purchased separately). The Yogibo Max is 72 inches by 24 inches by 24 inches and the Moon Pod is 50-56 inches by 20-24 inches by 20-24 inches. The reason Moon Pod doesn’t give an exact size is because as you sit on it, the product becomes wider and shorter. This occurs somewhat with the Yogibo Max as well, but not as much.

When you lounge or lay on the Moon Pod, you’ll notice that your feed dangle off the end. This is not a problem with the Yogibo Max. Since the Yogibo Max is up to 20 inches longer than the Moon Pod, it accommodates nearly everyone of every height. While you can purchase an ottoman to go with the Moon Pod so that your legs are supported when you’re lounging or laying down, it adds to the cost and makes the Moon Pod much more expensive than the all-in-one Yogibo.

The only perk to having the smaller bean bag in the Moon Pod is that it takes up less room. Otherwise, you probably want the longer model, especially if you’re going to be using the bean bag as a lounger or bed.



Both the Yogibo Max and the Moon Pod are filled with expanded polystyrene beads, which means they both react similarly when you sit on them. However, the Yogibo instantly supports your body weight when you sit, so you’re never going to have pressure points or feel the need to shift around to get in the most comfortable position. Conversely, the Moon Pod continues to sink when you sit or lay down until your body is in a supported position. You may have to shift around a bit until you find the exact spot where you feel like your body is fully supported.


Once you’re sitting in either bean bag chair and you’ve found your ideal position in the Moon Pod,  you’re going to be comfortable for as long as necessary. The filler will move with your body when you move, and will continue to support your weight. You’ll feel like you’re sitting on air in either case. It just may take a little longer to get to that state with the Moon Pod.



This one is a no-brainer. The Yogibo Max, with its additional size and comfort, has a lower price point than the Moon Pod. There’s no reason to spend more money for a product that may not provide you with all the comfort you need. If you do like the shorter model, the Yogibo Short, which is the same size as the Moon Pod, is half the price of the Yogibo Max.



When considering size, comfort, and price, the winner in Yogibo vs Moon Pod is clear. If you’re going to spend your hard-earned money on a high-end bean bag, the Yogibo Max will more than meet your expectations at a lower cost.