What Does Bright Pattern Do?

If you’re in any line of business, customer service is a huge aspect of making sure that business succeeds. Your customers deserve to be kept in the know throughout their transaction and to be able to reach out to your company in the event that issues with products or services may arise. That’s where having the right cloud contact center software can put you a cut above, and that’s where the services of Bright Pattern come into play.

What is Bright Pattern?



Whether it’s a number of phone calls throughout a given day or an influx in emails, your business may be looking for solutions to better the customer experience. Bright Pattern offers innovative cloud contact center solutions that empower mid- and enterprise-size businesses to deliver a better customer experience across all communications channels. Their services are at the forefront of technological innovations and market trends for communication. Bright Pattern invests heavily in research and development to make sure that those innovations are readily accessible to global customers and partners.

Bright Pattern offers the industry’s easiest-to-use and most powerful cloud contact center. Their technology and unique Cloud 3.0 microservices architecture is the brainchild of industry leaders with over 25 years of experience building customer service software for companies. This team includes some of the original engineers who created enterprise contact center software at Genesys and Aspect, as well as engineers who developed CRM solutions at FrontRange. This understanding of these platforms and digital channels provides a layer of quality assurance that is afforded to business users who sign on board.

Quality Management and Compliance



Through cutting-edge innovation, Bright Pattern puts its emphasis on quality assurance for customers and businesses alike with this enterprise software. Quality assurance ensures consistency with all interactions within a call center through built-in, artificial intelligence-supported omnichannel capabilities. This allows businesses to monitor call center performance in real time and proactively intervene if a customer experience is determined to be negative. This allows for rerouting of these negative interactions in real time to receive accurate data and make changes accordingly based on data.

With omnichannel applications, Bright Pattern offers businesses the chance to engage in seamless, effortless conversations with customers across all channels. These platforms even afford the ability for customers to chat on multiple lines, perhaps starting their interaction with the contact center via email, and then rolling that over to a phone call. This is part of a powerful personalization across all channels, empowering agents with key information. This allows for a business to spot a single sign of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction, highlighting an issue that could be a deeper-seated problem in the long run.

Industry Applications



Bright Pattern’s innovation and ease of use of the platform allow for it to be integrated as a proper means of contact center software. This allows for integration through a number of industries. For example, AI-powered health care contact center software ensures personalized customer experiences and patient engagement, highlighting that patient’s needs and not just making them a number within an open platform.

Within the insurance industry, a powerful contact center can spare an insured party from becoming lost in a pile of numbers and statistics brought on by a claim. Through contact information and AI-driven platforms, an accident claim can be addressed with greater immediacy. This results in a quicker payout for the parties involved.

The fact of the matter is Bright Pattern has plenty of innovative solutions to offer innovative companies that are looking to get a better grip of their customer service. These on- and off-premises solutions put businesses in a better place to serve the public, as well as better address their inner workings for greater employee performance and potentially greater profit.