5 Tips on Stocking Your Bar

5 Tips on Stocking Your Bar

Having a home bar or whether you own a local nightspot, there are a few things you should know about stocking your bar. When it comes to beer, offer a selection and most people will be happy. It doesn’t take much for a beer lover to be happy. Cold from the cooler or straight from the tap, it’s a simple beverage that offers hundreds of smiles. The rest of your bar, however, will take a little work. The following tips will help you keep your bar in top shape no matter who you might be serving.

Choose Quality Alcohol Brands

Choose quality brands of alcohol. There are a few brands of well alcohols that taste good, but many have a stronger taste than what many people prefer, especially if they prefer to drink it straight or on the rocks. Quality alcohol brands also seem to mix better than well brands. You don’t have to stock the most expensive brands to mix good drinks. Taste a few different brands until you find the ones that you like.

Don’t Buy Off Brand Juice

When you are making mixed drinks that call for juice, it is well worth the extra price to buy a good brand of juice. This includes many store brands as well. Just like with alcohol, try a few brands to start. Off brands may be more sour or tart and won’t mix well with the flavors of the alcohol. Once you find a brand that you like for each type of juice, make an inventory list. That way, if you aren’t the one doing the shopping, you will still be assured that you are getting the right kind.

Buy Reputable Mixes

If you plan on hosting a party or just like a well-made mixed drink, you want to have the right mixers on hand. Go to a liquor store and you will quickly notice that the number of different brands of mixes almost rivals the number of different brands of alcohol. This is truly a “to each his own” decision. You will need to try a few different mixes to ensure that you find one or two that you really like. If you like more than one, swap them out occasionally to keep things interesting.

Make Sure to Have a Full Set of Bar Utensils and Glasses

If you want to have a fully functional bar, you will need utensils, accessories, and glasses to handle all of the different types of drinks you plan on making. You can find good starter kits at many larger department stores for less than $50. If you like unique items, make a list of what you need and then shop for items one at a time. Either way, having the tools you need is the key to having a good bar set up.

Keep a Good Recipe Book Behind the Bar

Above all, keep a good recipe book behind the bar. Explore your options and try something new every once in a while. Drinking the same drink can be boring. Switch it up and add a new flavor or mix it with different flavors. A good recipe book will also allow you to make the drinks your guests will like if you throw a party. With a good recipe book, you won’t need to memorize all of the drink recipes you may use over the course of a party.

Having your own bar can be fun and a little exciting. Creating new drinks or experimenting with new flavors is a great way to add a little kick to the drinks you usually make. Whether you like a traditional Moscow mule or a dry martini, the right recipe, alcohol, and bar setup are the key to a great drink. Take the time to do a little research so that you know what you need to include in your bar inventory. Once you get things set up, you will be able to sit back and enjoy quality mixed drinks you can be proud of.