How to Choose the Right Retractable Patio Screen

A patio is a great place for gathering during the warmer months of the year with family and friends. But some months can be a bit more complicated, especially with pesky biting insects like mosquitoes and flies. Having the ability to retract your patio screen is very beneficial compared to having a permanent one. However, choosing the right retractable screen for your patio can be challenging with all the vast options of brands and styles.

How to Choose the Right Retractable Patio Screen



If you want a sleek and stylish patio screen, then looks will be a priority. Picking out a style and color that matches your home or looks good with how your home looks can be relatively easy to do on your own or talking to a specialist who can help you narrow down your options to choose from.


Automated or Manual


The operational method of your patio screen is vital in determining other factors. Not all motorized screens are made equal, and some can have bulkier cases and noisy motors or other factors like slamming back after being retracted.


Manual screens have sleek handle designs that are very accessible and blend in and have smaller frames in general since no motor is needed to be hidden away by a casing or thicker post.


You can get a motorized screen that has motion sensors and automatically retracts for wheel-chair accessibility, areas of high traffic volume, or if you have pets that need access outside frequently. There are also systems with remote controls that allow you to directly influence when the screen retracts or closes.


The Mesh


Things that should be considered first when selecting a patio screen are your local weather variations. For example, do you live in a dry desert area like Texas, or a humid place like Florida? Somewhere arid probably won’t see many mosquitos compared to a humid and tropical surrounding. Patio screen mesh comes in various materials, each with its own unique features and specialized uses.


  • Standard Fiberglass Mesh: Typical fiberglass mesh that provides protection from insects while maintaining airflow.
  • Solar Fiberglass Mesh: Adds additional UV protection up to 65%, and reduces heat transferring and solar glare.
  • Pet Mesh: Stronger than standard mesh fiberglass to hold up against ripping and tearing from pets and children.


If you live in a state like Arizona where it gets very hot, then solar fiberglass would be perfect for your retractable screen patio, as it will help keep your patio cooler and protect more against the bright sunlight.


Mounting Options


Deciding how to mount your retractable patio screen will depend significantly on how you plan to use it or what you will need. There are a few different ways to mount your screen, each catering more to specific needs and uses.


  • Surface Mount: Mounts onto the surface of the doorframe and works well with larger handles that could interfere with other screens.
  • Inside Mount: Mounts inside the doorframe and is flush with the wall or door and is covered to look as if part of the wall or door.
  • Built-in Recessed Mount: This option hides the mounting hardware in the architecture of the structure of your home.


Wind Resistance


Windy areas can be problematic for screens, especially if debris is a typical hazard of the area (such as small twigs, debris, etc.) but can also cause screens to blow out from the force of the wind itself.


Retractable screens can be used for various uses, such as doors and windows, giving you the choice of how your patio will look and function for your daily needs. With various appearance options, features, and multifunctionality, you can create a truly amazing patio that will last for your home.