How Repairit Takes Care of Your Corrupt PDF Files?

How Repairit Takes Care of Your Corrupt PDF Files?


There is no denying the truth that virtual work and PDF (Portable Document Format) files are synonymous. Since its development by the American software company Adobe, thanks to its efficacy in creating documents, it has become commonplace in digital parlance. It is also undeniable that damaged files are a constant source of woe among tech users which pushes one to repair files. About file repair, video repair tool Repairit can be your best bet to repair video, repair PDF, including, obviously, a range of other file formats. So how does Repairit video repair justify its stand as the top file repair solution with video repair?

The Cause of PDF File Corruption

Looking for ways to repair corrupted PDF must be preceded by at least a cursory knowledge of what damages PDF files. It may make the process of repair damaged PDF jazz unnecessary to you as now you are in control. Do recall that in our daily uses we upload, download, open, edit PDF files and corruption can happen at any of these stages. Partial download or upload due to unstable internet can damage the file. You can also encounter this problem if the system shuts down unexpectedly while uploading or downloading is in progress. Be it power failure or internal system failure, shutdowns are pretty usual.

When it comes to internal system malfunctions, PDF files can also get damaged if one uses corrupted storage devices to store them. Then there are chances of virus or malware attacks which render files of all nature like PDF inaccessible. Using low-grade PDF creators or incompatible programs to open them can also affect the files negatively.  Great selection of modern and classic books download waiting to be discovered. All free and available in most ereader formats.

Common Ways to Repair PDF Files

So now that you know what commonly causes PDF file corruption, what is the next step? Inarguably, there are several solutions as well to repair damaged PDF files. For one thing, you can change the PDF viewer to prove that the problem was not with the file in the first place. If otherwise, download the file again from the source. If that source happens to be your cloud backup, chances are the file would be there. Barring third-party cloud backup, Windows 10 offers a native backup tool. Using this, you can retrieve the PDF before it gets corrupted. One can head to the ‘Settings’ section, find ‘Update & Security’ at the very end, and choose the ‘Backup’ option from the left dashboard.

However, things can go against you at this stage as you realize that you missed out on taking a backup of the file. Worry not because there remains one last stone to turn. Open the File Explorer on Windows, locate the damaged PDF, select it, and right-click on it. The series of options you will be seeing will have a ‘Restore previous versions’ option chipped in. You can restore the original uncorrupted version of the file by selecting this option.

How to Repair PDF Files with Repairit?

If you experience a dead end everywhere, your last resort is third-party repairing tools like Repairit. Do not however in this context that certain files remain beyond retrieval or agree to partial retrieval too. What makes Repairit unique though its comparatively higher success rate. Additionally, its simple 3 step fixing solution gives reason enough for you to consider using it. Use free Repairit Online once that offers file repairing up to a maximum of 200MB and you will instantly fall in love with its operations.

  • Launch the software, select the ‘File Repair’ option from the side dashboard, and select the ‘Add’ button to add the damaged files individually or in batch. Interestingly, Repairit lets you remove files that you accidentally added as well.
  • Click the ‘Repair’ button at the bottom and the process of scanning and file repair will initiate. Each file will display its progress, allowing you to terminate the process. After finishing, you will see which files got repaired successfully and which were not. The latter files will accompany respective links using which you can consult Wondershare Repairit’s team of experts.
  • The repaired files will have an adjacent ‘Preview’ button. You can thus review the quality of the work done before deciding whether to save them or not. Use the ‘Save’ button at the bottom to export and save the file at your desired location.

Closing Words

Wondershare Repairit has an indisputable global reputation as one of the most trusted file repairing solutions. This unwavering trust, which reflects in the number of awards it has already bagged, originates from its extraordinary performance. Extremely easy to use, the tool is ideal for those who work with lots of PDF documents and therefore run the risk of accidental file damage. Use it for free once and then you would certainly consider buying a premium version for your Windows or Mac PC.