Spilled Something On Your New Carpet? Read These Pro Hacks To Help You Remove Carpet Stains Instantly

Spilled Something On Your New Carpet? Read These Pro Hacks To Help You Remove Carpet Stains Instantly

It takes time and proper knowledge to turn a house into a home. One of the ways to do so is by decking all the floors in carpets; it will add warmth in winters, and nothing beats a carpet’s softness during summer when we usually walk around barefoot. While you are turning your house that looks like a Pinterest board, don’t forget your carpets take a lot of beating-stains, padded-down spots, shagginess all around the year. While carpet steam cleaners can do the job for you, a few of the stains are the best to deal with DIY hacks. We have rounded up some of the pro DIY hacks that aren’t only safe but can add years to your cherished carpet.

  1. Always Blot The Stain: No wonder it is instinctive to rub off the stain. However, we do not realize that rubbing leads to spreading in the process. Most of the time, the stain works its way through to the fabric, leading to permanent discolouration. Blotting ensures the liquid stain gets absorbed into the cloth or sponge. Also, pay attention to what direction you blot in, as doing it inwards from outside will ensure the stain doesn’t spread further.
  2. Ice-ice Baby: When you place something heavy on your carpet, it leads to padded-down/impressions spots on your carpet. Place a regular ice cube on those area/s and leave them to melt. Next, blot the excess water and iron the area by placing a towel in between.
  3. Baking Soda Combats Oil Stains: The most frustrating substance to remove from carpet has to be the oil stains, and this is where baking soda can rescue you. Apply the powder liberally on the affected area and leave it until the stain on the carpet absorbs it. After that, run any of the carpet steam cleaners you have on it, and you will have a much lighter stain in the end. Do this trick once a week to remove the stain completely.
  4. Rubbing Alcohol to Remove Nail Polish: You might think that alcohol will damage the dye but do you know nail polish remover/rubbing alcohol is not nearly strong enough to bleach a carpet? So, pour some of it on a nail polish stain and wait until it has dried. Chiff off afterwards as you can with a blunt tool.
  5. Use Shaving Cream: If you have lighter carpets in beige, yellow, soft pastel colours, it is normal to get dirt patches. Even for lighter work, carpet steam cleaners work fine but do you know rubbing the shaving cream on a stain can make your carpets feel very soft!

Wait, here’s a catch

These tips and hacks are excellent, provided you have time on your hand. With people juggling multiple roles leading to a super tight work schedule, it is hardly possible to come home and engage in cleaning. Having any of the good quality carpet steam cleaners can ease your life. find out here now why buying a steam cleaner will be an investment:

  • A practical and multifunctional appliance that helps eliminate dirt, bacteria, and more with a burst of superheated steam.
  • Can be used on flooring, bathroom fixtures, upholstery and other everyday touch surfaces
  • If you have super active children and pets at home, it is humanly impossible to clean pet marks, urinal spots, pet odour, dirt stains. A steam cleaner will do the job for you and give you a clean home to come back to. Just look for a steam cleaner with attachments that match the types of cleaning jobs you have on your daily to-do list.

With the threat of the virus still being far from over, it is not just cleaning but sanitizing home surfaces and carpets which have taken the primary seat. And having a good quality steam cleaner that can clean the carpet as effectively as the floor of your home is the investment you should make this year.

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