Restaurant Supply Store

Restaurant Supply Store

Thinking of opening a restaurant? Looking for the best restaurant supply store to buy essential equipment and supplies? If yes, then Great! We got you covered! But before that, let’s know a bit about restaurant type and timings. The type of Restaurant supplies you are going to buy depends on the type of restaurant you are going to open. If you are opening in the morning, the supplies are different, if you are going to open at night, the supplies are different. And if you are open all day long, from early morning to late at night, then the supplies are different. Make sure that you have the type of restaurant kitchen in your mind before buying the supplies.

Here is the list of things that are essential for restaurant owners to buy when opening any type of restaurant.

Some of the Essential Restaurant Supplies

If you want your restaurant to bloom, the biggest investment you can make is buying great restaurant supplies. These are the starter pack things that a restaurant must-have in the beginning and all of them are available here.

1.    Ovens

It should not even be said that ovens are the must thing that you need in your restaurant. They are crucial in this century where everything is baked or cooked in the oven. The only condition that you don’t need ovens is if you run sushi or raw food restaurants. There are many options in the oven that you can consider, but the must consider options of ovens are:

  • You can use the radiant, steam oven, combination, conveyor, or convection oven. It is all up to you, but they all are according to your restaurants.
  • If you are starting a meat dishes restaurant, then you should consider the rotisserie oven.

2.    Food Processors

Food processors are a must-have if you get lots of customers and don’t have enough time on your hands. Chop, slice, grate, grind, anything of your ingredients for easier cooking, and don’t let your customers wait for long.

3.    Mixers

Mixers are important if you have restaurants that are open in the morning, to mix pancake batter, egg whites, or any other mixing thing. Get the countertop mixer for this use, but if your menu consists of only baked goodies, then opt for the standing floor mixers.

4.    Slicers

They are best if you have a big restaurant or if you get lots of customers daily. It is hard to slice up lots of things to perfection, or all the time and your chiefs also need to relax their hands a bit. Hence electric slicers come in handy here.

5.    Ice Makers

Ice makers are a huge investment for long-term use. Most of the time the freezers are filled with meat that you don’t have space for enough ice. At this time, ice makers come in handy. Best for producing slushy drinks or for icy drinks.

6.    Gas or Electric Grill

Gas grills are preferred in many high-class restaurants. Gas is better when cooking food as it gives a different type of aroma to food that customers love. They come in various sizes, from small to extra large for restaurants. But the one that is convenient for your restaurant. Don’t go for electric grills as they are better options only for a small restaurant or at home.

7.    Griddle

Griddles are important if you have morning restaurants to make bacon, eggs, etc. It depends on your restaurant type. Pancakes are also made on this griddle. Griddles are flat pans that are non-stick and metallic, best for cooking lightly fried food or for liquid food.

8.    Deep Fryer

Customers are die-hard fans of fried things, and you can’t just only make 10 to 15 fried I team in a go in small fryers. Buy the deep fryers to ensure a large quantity of fried food at the same time. From jalapeño poppers to fries and nuggets.

9.    Commercial Toaster

Toasts are the breakfast essential, and if you don’t have a toaster then how do you expect to make toasts for your customers. Slow services are not even an option as customers leave if they don’t get their desired food at the right time. Commercial toasts should be the first thing that comes to mind if you are opening morning restaurants.

10.                    Coffee Maker

Coffee makers are important as the first thing most customers want, especially for breakfasts, is coffee. Good front coffee is the way to keep yourself active all day. Not only one, but people even drink up to 3 cups at a time, if they are like me.

11.                    Prep Counters and Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are important to protect your shelves as well as stable space for cutting ingredients safely. Or if not them, you can use the preparation counters, as they are big and better. Sanitize them always and use them afterward. Polyethylene cutting boards and stainless feel prep tables are the answer to this.

12.                    Fridges and Freezers

It shouldn’t even be mentioned as in this era you cannot just use salt to preserve your food. It takes a lot of time for that. Fridges are important to preserve your ingredients and Also the leftovers. While freezers help to keep the drinks cold, as no customer wants warm drinks. Buy the one that you think you would need for your kitchen, either the large ones or the walk-in, both freezers and fridges.

13.                    Sinks

Sinks should be many in a restaurant kitchen, and that too big and three portioned to help organize all the utensils and can be cleaned easily. All three should be used for different purposes, the first one should be for cleaning, the other for rinsing the detergent, and the third for sanitizing. Only then can you prioritize the health of your customers.

14.                    Storage Racks and Shelving

Racks and shelves are important to assort things properly so that you can easily take them out in a hectic time. Other than that, the air-drying racks should be available too so that your dishes can easily be dried. Keep your restaurant kitchen clean and hygienic with shelves, racks, and carts.

15.                    Washing Equipment

Handwashing stations and dishwashing stations are both equally important for restaurants. Hand washing stations help to prevent foodborne diseases while dishwashing stations help to get rid of bacteria. Dishwashing stations keep the temperature of the water set and automatically dispense detergents when needed.

16.                    Steam Tables

Steam tables are important to have too, as they keep your food warm for however long you want. With the help of this, you can prevent your pre-prepared food from having to heat again and again on gas or in the oven, as that gets problematic in the hectic routine of restaurants. This is the best equipment for self-service restaurants. You can either buy the electric or gas steam tables, they work by heating the water to produce steam to keep your food warm.

17.                    Kitchen Supplies and Servingware

Things like ovens and refrigerators are not the only essential things for restaurants. People mostly judge restaurants not only by the food and its taste but also by the crockery and environment. But you also must have good kitchen supplies to let staff work efficiently, like have woks and pans of every size, spatulas tongs, etc. Beautiful, shiny, and clean plates, spoons and bowls, etc. are needed to attract customers’ attention. All of these essentials are just a click away. Click on the link below and get premium quality restaurant supplies now:

18.                    Storage Containers

Storage containers are important to store leftover foods. Every restaurant has food leftover at the end of the day, which you can’t just throw away. Hence it is better to have containers to store the food properly for the next day’s use. Have different colored containers to easily differentiate between the ingredients stored inside for easier access. Keep the dry ingredients in one color and the mixed or saucy food in the other color. Having different sizes and air-tight sealed containers should be on your to-buy list.

19.                    Safety Equipment

Having safety standards in your restaurants is essential. It includes a first aid kit, which is a must, and a fire extinguisher as starters.

20.      Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Admit it, the handwritten display boards are too old-fashioned and there should be something to spice your restaurant up. Try using the kitchen display system to make your restaurant look fancy and eye-catching. It will also be easy for your staff to manage orders.


These are the most important and the first things that restaurant owners need when opening a restaurant. They ensure a safe kitchen and happy customers. Even the staff will be relaxed and work effectively, ensuring maximum work done in minimum time. Click here to buy your desired restaurant supplies but do make sure that your type of restaurant is determined before looking for the supplies.