6 Situations to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

6 Situations to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

There are numerous reasons you may need to hire a personal injury lawyer. Some are obvious: car accidents, being bitten by a stranger’s dog, slipping and falling in a store, and more. Others reasons you might hire this type of lawyer in Houston, TX aren’t always so clear. Those are the situations we’re going to focus on today.

6 Situations to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Houston, TX

1. There’s a Dispute

Let’s say you’ve been in a car or pedestrian accident, and you’ve been injured. It’s a good idea to call up some Houston personal injury attorneys and hire one ASAP. However, let’s say you didn’t, and you plan on settling this with the other party and their insurance company by yourself. In these cases, sometimes a dispute over who’s liable for the accident may arise as the other party may not wish to take liability.

You’ll need an attorney to thoroughly investigate how you obtained your injury and who’s responsible for it. The attorney will then develop a strategy to prove this liability, ensuring you have a fair shot at getting the compensation you deserve.

2. You’re Being Blamed for Causing Your Injury

Sometimes there won’t be a dispute between you and the other party over who’s liable for your injury. However, in many cases, the other party’s insurance company may claim you were responsible for your injury. They may also claim you’re partially liable, even if you and the other party involved agree that you’re not.

Sometimes these allegations are unfounded, and only an attorney knows how to fight them to get you the compensation you’re entitled to. Your attorney can also defend you if you were partially responsible, and they’ll help determine how liable you were. For example, they could help determine you were 20% responsible for obtaining your injury, so they’ll secure you 80% of the compensation you’re entitled to.

3. There Are Multiple Parties Involved

If there are two parties involved and there’s minimal damage, then it can be easy to deal with this yourself, call your insurance company, take a settlement if it’s fair, and call it a day. However, it gets a little more complicated if you add people to the situation. Multi-vehicle accidents, product liability claims, construction accidents, and more, warrant hiring a personal injury attorney. Medical malpractice claims also warrant hiring a personal injury attorney.

Attorneys have the necessary experience to deal with cases involving numerous parties. The attorney can gather evidence and develop a case to ensure you’re protected among all the squabbling over who’s responsible for what in your case. This way you’ll stay protected no matter what happens, as you have a professional who’s on your side through it all.

4. Your Injury Was Traumatic or Permanent

Small injuries such as whiplash or a sprained wrist aren’t too traumatic, and they won’t always warrant hiring a lawyer if the case is straightforward. However, traumatic brain injuries and ones that leave you with a permanent disability aren’t so simple. You may require ongoing medical care, and you may be unable to work for the remainder of your life.

These situations will incur future damages, and these damages could be costly. An attorney can assist you in placing value on future costs and damages, and this will ensure you receive more for your injury claim. The liable party’s insurance company will likely fight to lower your claim, so you’ll need a professional, and possibly a team, to help you get what you deserve.

5. The Other Party’s Insurance Company Seems To Be Acting in Bad Faith

Some insurance companies simply don’t want to pay what you deserve. They may not claim you’re partially liable, but they might try to prolong the timeframe in which they’re dealing with your claim until the statute of limitations runs out. This will result in you losing your right to file a lawsuit. The company may fail to investigate a claim, refuse to pay a valid one, misrepresent their own terms, and intentionally mislead you about your rights. You need an attorney ASAP.

6. The Claim Involves a Government Entity

Not every claim will involve you and other civilians. If you’re in a train, bus, or subway accident, then there’s a government entity involved, and governments are usually protected from liability. You’ll need to lawyer up if you’re going to have a chance at getting some compensation for what you’ve been through. You’ll want the most experienced lawyer you can get, as this will give you the best chance of coming out of this situation fairly compensated.

Sometimes accidents aren’t simple to deal with, and you’ll need an attorney to lend a helping hand. You’ll always need someone to help you when circumstances are a little too messy for the average person to deal with alone. Thankfully, Houston is full of practiced injury lawyers to help you make and win your case.

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