What To Do or Never Do If You Are Arrested

In the US, police interactions are nearly impossible to avoid. From being stopped when jogging or walking down the street to being pulled over when driving. The interaction could lead to the worst fear, of being arrested. The first few hours or days after you get arrested can be very fretful and confusing. If you find yourself in such a position, the best thing you can do yourself is to never fight with the police or run away. Also, keep quiet until you are represented by an attorney. Top-rated criminal attorney gives the following tips to remember when you get arrested.

(i) Do Not Resist Arrest

Never resist the police, especially if you are alone. Apart from ending up with serious charges, resisting arrest can endanger your safety. An officer may not hesitate to apply force to make the arrest. Resisting arrest may include not cooperating when being handcuffed or refusing to stop walking when you are ordered not to.

(ii) Be Silent When Getting Arrested

During the arrest, you must remain silent. Never take the recitation of Miranda Rights by police officers for granted. Don’t make statements to the police until your lawyer arrives. The US law protects your right to be silent in the Fifth Amendment. Getting arrested is stressful and unpleasant. You may be tempted to negotiate your way out by explaining your circumstances to the police officers. The police are not your folks. Don’t try to talk your way out or make any decision without talking to your attorney. They may diligently build a case against you.

(iii) Get to Know Alternative Sentencing Options from Your Lawyer

If your case is defeated or can’t be dismissed, that doesn’t mean you automatically go to jail. Top-rated criminal attorneys have listed various alternative sentencing options that can be proposed to the judge. They include community service, house arrest or electronic monitoring, and supervised or unsupervised probation.

(iv) Do not be Intimidated into Pleading Guilty Or Assume your Case Is Hopeless

Numerous criminal defense strategies could save you. Never think your case is hopeless. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can successfully negotiate a friendly plea or judgment. Additionally, there are various ways in which police officers and investigators can make mistakes that one top rated criminal attorney can utilize to fight for minimal charges or a dismissal of the case.

(v) Don’t Talk About Your Case To Anyone In Jail

Don’t discuss your case with anyone, including your inmates, even in a foreign language. You can’t trust anyone behind bars. Moreover, do not use jail phones to talk about your case. Calls on the jail phone are recorded. You will be surprised when it’s played and used against you during your trial.

(vi) Hire a Top Rated Criminal Attorney Immediately

Choose an experienced lawyer whom you feel comfortable working with to represent and fight for your rights. Let’s hope you will never get arrested. But if it happens, don’t fret. There are many criminal defense strategies that one top rated criminal attorney can apply to secure your freedom. If you ever get arrested, remember the above tips. Most importantly, don’t resist arrest and remain silent.