10 Ways to Design the Perfect Wedding Outfit

10 Ways to Design the Perfect Wedding Outfit

The big day is finally upon you! With so many preparations needing to get done, it is natural to feel a bit overwhelmed. That’s alright. We are here to make things easier for you. So let’s dive into a major decision: how to design your perfect wedding attire. Here are ten ways to do so. You may also check  Avery Austin for ore tips and ideas.

  • What’s Trending?

Leaf through your favorite wedding magazines and watch current fashion videos to find out what is trending. You would not want to shop too soon when it comes to a wedding dress because wedding styles change quickly. The UK Weddings Task Force suggested that there will be 350,000 weddings in 2022, which is a great leap since the pandemic spread in 2019. With so many weddings, the fashion trends have become ever-changing and exciting.

  • According To The Venue

It is better to know your wedding location before you go shopping. This will make it easier to choose between different options. For instance, if you decide that your venue will be in the open air, you can better decide which dress and shoes to wear. A garden wedding has uneven ground and tightly-spaced tables, and it would be more comfortable to wear a block heel rather than a wedge in such a location. Looking online can also be a great help. For example, if you love designer shoes and are living in the UK, you can check out designer wedding shoes UK online to find out timeless designs that would go with any outfit you choose to wear on your special day.

  • Make a Budget Plan

It is essential that you count the numbers. When you shop for your attire, many things will be considered. After you purchase your dress, you may want to do alterations such as a higher or a lower neckline. Your shoulder straps may be too tight or too loose. You may want to send your dress for preservation and cleaning even after the wedding. Then, there are accessories without which your dress will be incomplete. Hence, before buying, you should consider your financial resources so that things go over smoothly for you.

  • Try On Different Silhouettes

Don’t go shopping with a fixed mindset. That way, you will have room for more options to choose from. You may have a Mermaid style on your mind, but after trying on the dress, you may find out that you don’t like it after all. Dresses look different on a hanger and completely different when you wear them. A fit-to-flair will enhance your curves more than a sheath will. The sheath style will elongate your appearance more than any other style. The ball-gown will create more volume than all the others. Therefore, try a variety of different styles and choose the style that you love most.

  • Styles From A Different Era

Who says you should stick to the current century? Brides have been seen wearing dresses and adding touches from different eras, which adds a little fun and a lot of character to the dress. Today, many new fashion trends have been rejuvenated from the past. This year, styles from the Regency era are in the spotlight. Many brides are seen wearing square necklines, puffed sleeves, bridal gloves, and pearled veils from the 1800s.

  • Adding Your Personal Touch

No wedding dress is complete without it. Adding a personal touch to your wedding dress will bring out your originality. Think about your day-to-day clothes. Do you like wearing suits, skirts, or maybe frocks? You can go unconventional. The sky is the limit. Any of your personal preferences can be incorporated into your bridal wear. Cherish your uniqueness and express it in your wedding attire on your wedding day.

  • It’s More Than Just A Dress

Your wedding dress will have memories attached to it and thoughts behind the making. Today, many brides are opting for slimmer silhouettes with a simple fabric, as it uses less cloth and is more eco-friendly. They give pleats, folds, and bows to a simple cloth for sustainable wedding attire. Instead of wearing extra-voluminous and puffy gowns, brides are choosing to wear an A-line, fit-to-flair, or a sheath-style dress. A half or full-skirt over sheath has become a hot sensation in the bridal fashion as you can turn it into more than one dress by simply removing the layers. With sustainability in mind, many brides are wearing pre-loved wedding dresses on their big day.

  • Fashionable Yet Comfortable

The outfit that you decide to wear for your wedding should be fashionable yet should also bring comfort to you. Bring your most trusted people shopping with you. If you are not comfortable with a trending style, then don’t wear it just because it is what “looks good” on you. Wear a dress that you can easily walk around in. Your attire must allow you to move freely. You can also practice walking in it for a while to see if it is really what you want.

  • Accessories That Complete You

Your accessories give your dress a complete look. Choose the flowers in your bouquet according to their symbolism or their color. Roses are commonly used because they symbolize love and romance. Carnations are a symbol of luck. You can combine various flowers that hold the perfect symbolism for your wedding. Modern brides are seen wearing a wedding dress with pink, nude, or champagne accessories such as earrings and embellishments and flowers laced in the headdress or cape.

  • Heels for Ease

Choose your shoes with extra care. Your comfort should be your main priority because your shoes will keep you standing throughout your wedding day. When choosing shoes, you should look at the height and width of the heel. Try bending and see if it is according to your needs. Higher shoes will put pressure on your feet and thus tire you quickly. A thick heel will be more comfortable while standing for long periods and enjoying the dance floor.

Before going outfit hunting, make a budget plan. When you finally go shopping, you can try on different silhouettes and styles from different eras. Add personal touches to your attire to bring out your individuality. We hope that you will have the perfect wedding look on point with this guide!