Jeddah Park’s Carnival Opening

Jeddah Park’s Carnival Opening

The Jeddah season is coming back with a bang. It’s an anticipated city festival that attracts many people all over Saudi Arabia. After taking a long break due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we expect a lineup of fun activities and thrilling events in the second season.

Are you wondering how to plan for the Jeddah season? Expect two months of exciting pursuits in May and June. The Jeddah season 2022 promises many fun activities with thousands of events.

The events list is already out and displays fun activities like the k-pop performance, a scientific festival and the Cirque du Soleil Fuzion show.

Examples of zones include the Jeddah Jungle zone, the City Walk zone and the Prince Majid Park, which will host weekly bazaars and art exhibits. Watch out for announcements about the season; you don’t want to miss out on anything.

Jeddah season-What’s the fuss all about?

Jeddah season is a yearly festival that attracts tourists globally. It involves various events targeting non-religious tourists in Saudi Arabia. The season highlights the city’s rich heritage and culture. It aims at enriching people’s lives in Saudi Arabia and promoting the city as a world tourist destination.

The season is all about culture, art and entertainment and promises thousands of fun-filled events running for two months-May and June. All these aim to showcase the city’s rich heritage and unique culture.

If planning a vacation in May or June, you have all the reasons to consider Saudi Arabia; this is an excellent opportunity to experience the Jeddah season 2022. If traveling from Dubai, book a ticket from dubai to Jeddah, and ready yourself for memorable moments during the Jeddah 2022 season.

What makes Jeddah season 2022 unique?

The Jeddah season 2022 features the theme “Our lovely days”, which aims to showcase global openness and cultural diversity through fun events. The events also aim to promote originality, heritage and arts. The season has a lot to offer to both locals and tourists. It features different activities to inspire people of all ages.

It also incorporates Arab play days, international plays, marine events and international exhibitions. That’s not all; all the select zones will hold events showcasing historical and cultural aspects in terms of location and function.

More about the Zones & Activities

Jeddah season 2022 will have various dedicated zones like the Riyadh season. These are nine zones and will include;

  • Jeddah’s Superdome
  • Jeddah Yacht Club
  • Prince Majid Park,
  • Al-Jawhara Stadium
  • Jeddah Jungle
  • Jeddah Art Promenade
  • Jeddah Pier
  • City Walk and Al-Balad

Some details are already out about the zones. For instance, the Jeddah Jungle zone will be home to the Kingdom’s biggest zoo, and the City Walk zone will host a big comic event for animal lovers. Similarly, Prince Majid Park will host weekly bazaars, art exhibits and a fair.

The event list features different activities and so far has firework displays on Jeddah’s promenade. Other events include K-pop performances, a performance by Cirque du Soleil Fuzion and a science festival.

Top activities to watch out for

Jeddah season 2022 is already taking off with a list of activities and thrilling events. With nine dedicated zones and over 2800 events, there’s so much to explore during the two months and make the most out of the season. The top events and activities to consider include;

  1. Adventure at the public park 

The public park in Jeddah Jungle is an ideal spot for adventure. This incorporates a wide range of games and activities; these range from ziplining, paintball, karting-the list is endless. If you love that fun-jungle feeling, consider this event during the Jeddah Season 2022.

  1. Experience flying on a skateboard 

Jeddah season 2022 allows you to fly on a special electronic board. This resembles a gliding experience whereby you fly over the sea.

  1. Visit Prince Majed Park

Are you seeking a free event during the Jeddah 2022 season? The Prince Majed Park is the largest park in Jeddah and offers free entry. It’s an excellent spot for kid’s activities and entertainment for people of all ages.

  1. Relax at the Marina

Are you seeking low-key activities during the fun Jeddah season? There is a wide range of activities to cater to your needs. For instance, head to the Marina and explore the grand yachts on the sea waters.

View the beautiful water from the many cafes available as you enjoy a sumptuous meal or your favorite drink. That’s not all! If you have some bucks left, you have no reason to leave without bagging a few goodies from the nearby shops.

  1. Mast climbing

Mast climbing is similar to rope climbing and is an activity for 13 years and older participants. It involves climbing about 20 meters or higher to finish the challenge.

  1. Enjoy the shark cage experience.

Are you brave enough and seeking a challenging activity? Visit the Red Sea for a shark cage experience. This is one of the memorable sea events of the Jeddah season 2022. It’s not dreadful as it seems since the cage separates you from the underwater predators.

  1. Zoo experience in the largest Zoo. 

If you are an animal lover, plan for the Jeddah jungle experience. It will be home to the biggest zoo experience during the Jeddah season 2022. This is an excellent opportunity to walk on the winding paths as you admire different animals in their habitat.

  1. Attend the Cirque du Soleil show

The Cirque du Soleil show is back after an exclusive performance during the Riyadh season. Get ready for more fun at the show this Jeddah season 2022. Cirque du Soleil has done six performances in Saudi Arabia since 2018. To reserve a seat for the circus performances, get reservation points at Virgin showrooms in Roshana Mall, Mall of Arabia, Red Sea Mall and Dhahran Mall in Dhahran.

The Bottom line

The Jeddah season 2022 is the second Jeddah season following the success of the Riyadh Season. It will feature multiple fun activities and events and is expected to attract tourists from different parts of the globe. If you have never been to Saudi Arabia, this is the best time to experience the unique culture and heritage of the Kingdom. Book a ticket now and start packing for the different activities ahead.

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