Bike Commuter Accessories: Our Must-Have List

Bike Commuter Accessories: Our Must-Have List

Bike Commuter Accessories: Our Must-Have List

Commuting using a bike is fast, cheap and healthy. You get a chance to escape long traffic jams and enjoy the warm sunshine while doing it. However, you need a few accessories for enhanced safety and convenience while riding. From an anti pollution mask to helmets, here is our list of important accessories for your next ride.

A saddle Bag

Bikes do not have lots of storage space. You may have problems carrying your small items like notebooks, cameras, chargers and other light belongings. A saddlebag comes in handy as it allows you to carry all your items securely by hoisting them just under the light fixture.

Go for a water-resistant, rugged material for your saddlebag. This ensures that your items do not get wet due to a light drizzle, and you won’t be back to buying another bag anytime soon.


It is a mandatory requirement in many countries that cyclists wear helmets. It may seem obvious, but there are cyclists that ignore the guidelines. In the event of an accident, a helmet can protect you from serious head injuries. There are several high-quality and stylish helmets on the market that look great and function as expected.

When making a purchase, go for one that gives you the right fit, not one that is too tight or leaves spaces around your head. Also, check the harnesses to ensure that they are comfortable and easy to adjust.

The U-Lock

You would need to park your bike for a while and dash to a grocery store or attend to any other need that brings you to the city. Ensure that your bike is safe by locking it. A lock can secure it in place until you come back.

There are two types of locks: chain and U-lock. The chain lock is the cheapest and most common. It includes a chain and a lock that you use to tie the bike to a stand.

On the other hand, the U-lock is a high-tech lock that is connected to your phone via an app. It sends you notifications if someone tries to force it open or carry the bike. Compare both against your budget to determine which is best suited for you.

A Mask

An anti pollution mask protects you from the emissions that you would typically find out there. These emissions include dust, fumes, debris and smells, as well as flu and corona viruses. This goes a long way toward preventing respiratory ailments.

Go for an anti pollution mask that fits your face correctly. This ensures that there is no space left for air to get into your nostrils apart from through the mask. There are various types of masks on the market. However, the N95 and N99 masks are the best, with the 95 and 99 denoting the percentage of particles filtered.

Shop for biking accessories that make your ride a lot easier, more convenient and safer. Furthermore, make sure you use them correctly so that you get the benefit you want from them. Read the user manual if you are not sure how to use an accessory.

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