Prevention of Overuse Injuries – What You Need to Know About

Prevention of Overuse Injuries – What You Need to Know About

Injuries are always painful and when they are severe, more complications are on the cards. If we talk about overuse injuries, they occur when someone tries to do physical activities more than his/her capacity. Such injuries are more common in athletes and professionals who require physical strength to do the task.

According to studies, overuse injuries are known to commonly affect our muscles and joints. This occurs due to the overstressing of the muscles or joints. Severe cases of such injuries may require surgery, especially when the joint has been damaged too much or the bone is fractured. This may also involve the use of Ortho Surgical Implants and instruments.

You would be surprised to know that these injuries can be avoided with a little care and knowledge. This post will see some of the simple ways to prevent overuse injuries.

How to Prevent Overuse Injuries?

Overuse injuries can easily be prevented by being extra careful and looking at the signs shown by the body. Here are simple tips that can avoid such injuries:

Training Technique Must be Correct

The improper training technique is among the commonest causes of overuse injuries. The wrong technique puts extra pressure on the joints and muscles, and this results in unlikely wear & tear. Due to this, the chances of overuse injuries become high. Besides this, it is also advised to wear proper shoes while training as, if they are not of good quality, the person is likely to experience muscle strain or a stress fracture.

Protective Gear Must be Used

Another important thing here is to use all the protective gear that is designed to protect players from getting injured. They are designed to support the exposed parts of the body that are likely to get injured and prevent injuries when such an event takes place. Many athletes face overuse or stress injuries just because they do not use protective gear.

Pace—up Yourself

What we mean here is to start your exercise program slowly, especially when you are beginning with a new one. Trying to do too much too soon will only help you get injuries. So, it is advised to be regular with your exercises and start gently as doing a week’s exercise in two days will only be disastrous.

Do Not Suddenly Increase Your Activity Level

It is often noticed that athletes suddenly try to increase their activity level whether it is a practice session or workouts. This is among the commonest causes of overuse injuries, and not only athletes, but others can also develop the same if they try to suddenly work out more than their capacity.

Severe overuse injuries often lead you to get surgery for the treatment as they become difficult to be managed with medications and other treatment methods. So, it is always advised to prevent such injuries as much as possible.

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