5 Affordable Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Property Value

5 Affordable Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Property Value

If you’re thinking of selling your house or wishing to make an upgrade that will increase your home’s value, you can do so affordably. You don’t necessarily have to add an addition to your home or make a major improvement. You can also find ways to improve and update your home’s look without spending lots of money.

So, what are the best ways to increase your home’s value economically?

The following information will give you some insights that will help you get the most value for your money.

1. Ask the Question: “Where are Exterior House Painters Near Me?

You can gussy up the look of your home’s exterior without making an upgrade, such as a siding installation, by asking one simple question, “Where are exterior house painters near me?” Find a company that knows all about painting the outside of a building – commercial and residential. They should know what paint to use for battling the elements, such as heat, winds, rain, and extreme climate changes.

2. Give Your Cabinets a Whole New Look by Painting Them

Use the same painting company to give the inside of your home a fresh new look on the interior as well. Just make sure you keep things neutral if you plan to sell your house.

Do you need to revamp the looks of your cabinets? If so, have professional painters paint our cabinets instead of refacing or replacing them. You’ll get the same effect at a much lower price.

They can also paint your basement, paint the inside trim, and enhance the looks of walls and ceilings in ways you can’t do yourself. Use their skills to remove old wallpaper and update the overall look of the inside of your home, especially the kitchen and bath.

3. Keep Your Hedges, Lawn and Trees Trimmed and Well-Maintained

According to real estate experts, you can add about 10% to your home’s value by keeping your yard nicely landscaped. Again, you don’t have to put out a large amount of money to make this improvement and it can go a long way in escalating your property’s value.

4. Fix Broken Concrete

One unsightly crack in your sidewalk or steps outside can detract from the looks of your home. It is also unsafe. Making these small repairs will add to your home’s value and give your house a crisp and tidy look.

5. Clean Away the Clutter

Whether you have stuff strewn in the yard, such as the kids’ toys, or you have old magazines lying around with other junk inside, it always helps to de-clutter. Doing so will help you stay better organized and add to the safety and looks of your house.

The Secret to Giving Your Home Reasonably Priced Upgrades

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a fortune to give your house added curb appeal or increase its value. Practicing ongoing maintenance, adding new paint, or keeping  your home free of clutter will make it more welcoming and increase its worth in the real estate marketplace. It’s these kinds of upgrades that change a house into an inviting living space.

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