How to be a Fun Dog Mom

How to be a Fun Dog Mom

We all know that there’s nothing you love more than being a great dog mom to your pooch. But you’re not just any dog mom, you’re a fun dog mom! Read on for some paw-fect tips and tricks that will tell everyone that you’re the coolest dog mom at the dog park.

Show Off Your Dog Mom Style

A great way to show off your dog mom status is by wearing clothing that says just that! For cold morning walks with your pup, get a sweatshirt that says “dog mom” on it, so everyone around you knows just what a proud pet parent you are. For warmer days, you could get a dog mom tank or tee. On top of that, you can accessorize with doggy clothing items made just for you: for instance, there are a number of Etsy shops that sell socks and headbands that you can customize with pictures of your dog. Whatever your fashion style, there’s a dog mom outfit for it!

Take Your Pup on an Adventure

As a fun dog mom, you know that variety is the spice of life – and you want the same for your pup! For an exciting change in routine, take your dog on an adventurous hike along a trail that you haven’t tried yet. Or if your furry friend is more of a beach bum, take them to a dog beach so they can enjoy rolling around in the sand and splashing in the waves.

Throw a Pawsome Birthday Party

You’re no stranger to a good time, and neither is your dog. Have a blast while celebrating your dog’s birthday or “gotcha” day by throwing a party just for them. It’s a great opportunity to invite all your dog’s besties and their owners from the dog park over for a day of tail chasing and treats. To go the extra mile, pick up a cake at a local dog bakery with your pup’s name on it. They might not be able to blow out the candles, but your dog will sure feel special being the center of attention at their own pup party.

Give Them a ‘Do That’s To Dye For

To make your dog really stand out at the dog park, you can get their fur temporarily dyed at their next grooming appointment. What poodle wouldn’t love prancing around with a pop of pink on their poofy ears. Of course, if your dog is squeamish during grooming sessions or has sensitive skin, it’s best to avoid doggy hair dye. Additionally, it’s imperative that you never attempt to dye your dog’s fur with human hair dye – these types of dye contain harmful chemicals that are toxic to dogs. However, you can always go to your own stylist to get a few pops of wild color to match your doggo’s cool new ‘do.

Have a Bestie Playdate

Do you have a best friend who’s also an awesome dog mom? Enjoy a bestie’s day out and bring your dogs along so they can have a playdate too. You two can gab and gossip over mimosas while your pups wrestle over a bone. It’s a win-win for both dog moms and their fur babies!

Create a Playlist Just for Your Pup

Just like you have great taste in pets (you did pick out the perfect pooch, after all), you’ve also got great taste in music. For a fun way to liven up you and your pet’s day, craft a music playlist featuring all your favorite dog-centric tunes. Or, if there’s an artist you’ve noticed that your dog always perks up for when you put their albums on in the car, create a mix of your favorite tunes of theirs. Just don’t be surprised if your dog tries to bark along when “Who Let The Dogs Out” by the Baha Men comes on.

Have a Happy Howl-iday

The holidays are a perfect time to have fun with your dog, dress-up style! For Halloween, get your dog a cute costume: for instance, instead of begging for bones, they can wear them in a fun skeleton onesie! Or, when the winter months roll around, put your pup front and center in your holiday cards in a cute Santa hat or dreidel sweater. There’s really no limit to the holiday fun you can have with your dog. Heck, you can even celebrate Arbor Day with them: I mean, they can always use another big stick that’s fallen from a tree!

However you choose to have fun with your pup, being a dog mom is the greatest joy of all. Try adding some extra joy to you and your dog’s routine with dog mom clothing, taking new adventures, and celebrating all of life’s best moments together. How do you love to spend time with your fur baby?

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