Experience Memorable Road Trips in Saudi Arabia

Experience Memorable Road Trips in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the most amazing places you can be if you love road trips. Suadi Arabia has to offer the stretching roads that sometimes end up in a desert, the hot weather that gives the actual road trip atmosphere, beautiful cities, and the numerous petrol stations to confirm you never run out of gas. You will need a car to get around Saudi Arabia now that the best places to see are far away from the beautiful cities. Taking a road trip to Saudi Arabia is very exciting. So, to have the most memorable road trips in Saudi Arabia, here are things you should know.

Getting Around Saudi Arabia

When getting around the country, you must ensure you have reliable transport. That means you will have to rent a car to get around. Car rental in Saudi Arabia is essential and a good option. Even though it may be costly, you can find ways of making it less expensive. For example, you can split the cost between two people or everyone else in the group. The cost of renting a car in Saudi Arabia may also depend on the type of car you want to rent. The best thing is that Saudi Arabian petrol stations are cheaper than others in the world. Therefore, gas will not be a problem.

The best thing about Saudi Arabia is that you can drive without an International Driving Permit. Some major rental companies will allow you to drive without the IDP. However, you will need to do a lot of persuasions before they allow you. So, know what you need to do and the reasons you can give to convince them.

What to Know When Driving Around Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is an Arabic country. So, unless you are one of them or understand Arabic, you might need help to drive along. The road signs are in Arabic, meaning you may have to learn a little Arabic before leaving for the road trip. You must also never play music in your car during the call to the mosque to pray. This is forbidden, and you will have to face the law. However, if you are in a remote area, you might get away with it.

All in all, playing music during the call is against the law. You should also know Saudi Arabia has speed cameras. You will be flashed if you are over-speeding and collect your ticket at your rental company. It is advisable not to rely on Google Maps since they do not recognize U-turns. That means you might have to drive long before you can change the direction. Google Maps also don’t list small roads.

Risks to Watch Out for When Driving in Saudi Arabia

The place is excellent for road trips, but you might experience some hurdles. Knowing these risks is better to ensure you know what to watch out for. For instance, be ready to deal with sand for most of Saudi Arabia. You can get easily stuck, so you must carry a rope and a shovel in the car. However, the roads are safe from the sand. There are speed bumps all over Saudi Arabia’s roads, some of which are not marked. Therefore, you have to be careful when driving. Some speed bumps are also high, so you have to drive carefully not to damage the car.

Like any other country, expect to see reckless drivers making the wrong U-turn, driving in the wrong lane, and over-speeding. So, drive carefully. There are not many petrol stations around Saudi Arabia. So, if you plan to travel long distances, ensure your tank is full and re-fill it whenever you get a chance. It is advisable to ensure your tank does not go below ¼.

Limiting Mileage with a Rental Car in Saudi Arabia

When renting a car in Saudi Arabia, you get a mileage limit of about 250 kilometers per day. This may sound like it is way more than you may need. However, you must know that when traveling around Saudi Arabia, you travel more to get to one destination. You might have to pay around $25 a day to get somewhere. Any extra distance may be charged for 0.30 SAR per kilometer. The good news is that there is a way you can enjoy driving more and not pay a lot of money for the mileage. Here is what you have to do.

  • Select Your Rental Car Carefully

The best way to limit mileage is by taking public transportation long distances and renting a car to go around the city. Even though it will take time to get to your destination and deal with several rental companies, it will save you from the mileage problem.

  • Buy Limitless Mileage

If you plan to travel around Saudi Arabia, we recommend going for limitless mileage. It may hurt to pay the extra money, but the option will save a lot in the long run. However, not every company has this option. So, you may have to search a bit deeper. The cost of this option solely depends on how long you plan to rent the car. However, it is worth paying for the additional kilometer you travel beyond the mileage limit. Look for a reputable company with excellent customer service.

  • Avoid Driving Daily

In most cases, you will get a car with a mileage limit of 250km a day. Therefore, if you plan to travel longer, stretch your days to every destination, so you don’t exceed the limit.


Driving around Saudi Arabia is fun, as long as you abide by the law. You can easily rent a car to move around even without an IDP. However, you have to be careful on the roads and make sure you follow the law. You may have to keep your tank full if you don’t find a nearby gas station. Know the risks you might encounter on your road trips around Saudi Arabia. Just beware of the things we have mentioned here, and you will be good to go.

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