How to Change your Look

How to Change your Look

Sometimes if you have been feeling ‘down in the dumps’ and you are not happy with what you are seeing in the mirror, it can be time for a change. Of course, practicing self-love from a mental standpoint, and changing your thought pattern, is vital to being happy in your own skin, but sometimes it just isn’t enough. Every now and then, it is worth doing a little audit of yourself and deciding what you want to change in your appearance to get that ‘feel good’ feeling.


Adding some high-quality accessories to your normal look can sometimes be just enough to make you feel a little uplifted. A touch of nice jewelry, like your favorite earrings or a sparkly necklace, can help you shine on the inside too. A fancy handbag or hat could also help to make you feel of a higher quality in yourself, as you embody the emotion that the specific piece draws from you.


Changing your hairstyle, cut or color has long been established as a good way to get a new look. It has been well established from movies, books and tv shows that getting a new ‘hair do’ is the quickest way to feel good after a bad break up, the start of a new job or for any transitional life event. Generally, the bigger the change you want in your emotional state or in the life circumstances, the more dramatic the hairstyle change. Maybe you just went through a breakup, and want to cut your hair into a bob, to feel like a new person, or perhaps you want to try transitioning to natural hair again, so that you can reconnect with your old self. The golden rule remains though, get a professional to do it, and do not get too emotional with the kitchen scissors.

Feminine style

Many women are forced into circumstances where they must behave in a more masculine energy to dominate over situations in their lives such as being the boss at work, or the head of their family. Sometimes, this can become so normal to strong women that they lose touch with their feminine side. Unfortunately, this can affect how a woman feels about herself, and even her dating prospects. If you are feeling like you want to get back in touch with your femininity, changing your fashion style can be a great way to do this. It might be painfully uncomfortable to pull away from your much-loved jeans and t-shirts, but switching them out for a girly dress, heels and some sexy underwear could make you feel like a new woman.


Lastly, making a little effort to find a scent that you like and wear it regularly can make you feel a lot sexier and happy with yourself. This could be subtle perfume, but also it could be a strongly scented bath product or conditioner, a body spray or even a moisturizer that you like the smell of. Since the beginning of recorded history, aromas have been used to provide therapy to humans and evoke different emotions and memories.

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