Reasons Why You Should Own Wool Socks

Socks made of inexpensive cotton won’t cut while you’re outside and are subject to the elements and sweat. True sports socks should be durable enough to last a long time without sacrificing comfort because unhappy feet equal an unhappy body.

Get yourself a nice pair of wool socks at Minus33. Compared to cotton, wool, and particularly super-soft merino wool, it has some characteristics that make it the superior fabric choice for cold-weather apparel.


Whether you are a construction worker who must endure hot and cold weather, a teacher who must walk students to recess, or an office worker who must endure long days on their feet, you will find the appropriate socks for your feet among the different textile combinations available on the market.

But why wear wool socks year round? Simply put, wool possesses remarkable abilities that even experts could find surprising.

It’s Breathable

Fans of wool socks benefit from a unique perk: the material naturally regulates temperature. This breathable material does double duty, keeping your toes toasty in the winter and cool in the summer. Because of this unique ability to maintain comfort in a wide range of temperatures, wool is unrivaled as a material for hiking socks.

It stays warm, even when wet.

Working in extremely cold or hot conditions teaches one important lesson: our bodies produce heat regardless of what we wear. One’s ability to withstand the cold is proportional to the amount of air that is trapped in and can circulate through their socks. However, the knit must be permeable so that moisture can escape.

Wool socks serve this purpose admirably. The wool socks will keep you dry and comfortable even if the rain gets inside your boots. We recommend polypropylene under a sock for those whose feet sweat excessively. Polypropylene is a water-repellent fiber; thus, this combination will work wonderfully.

Removes the smell of sweat completely.

Wet feet are no match for wool socks, as we’ve discussed before. A third of its weight in water can be absorbed without degrading its characteristics. When discussing sweat, this is a significant benefit. Wool can soak up part of the dampness and wick it away from the sock, where it could otherwise breed bacteria.

Because of its antibacterial characteristics, this excellent natural fiber also prevents the buildup of unpleasant odors. Please try it out on your own time. Replace your wool socks with cotton ones, then your cotton ones with synthetic fiber ones, and finally your synthetic fiber ones with acrylic ones. Examine the socks’ odor after a day of light exercise or work. You can learn anything by following your nose.

Easy Maintenance

Taking care of items made from treated wood is typically simple. You should purchase only pre-washed and pre-shrunk things to avoid the disappointment of discovering that your socks have shrunk to a child’s size after being dried in the dryer. Your socks will endure a long time and serve you well.

However, it would help if you did not subject them to extreme heat or boiling water in the washing machine. No matter what your garments are made of, washing and drying them with warm water and medium heat will keep them in better condition for longer.

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