7 Amazing Things About Australia

7 Amazing Things About Australia

Those who live in Australia tend to be very passionate about their homeland. It’s a highly developed country after all, with stunning natural sights and exotic wildlife to boot. If you’ve ever pondered about visiting or perhaps even moving here for good, you might want to give this a read as you’re about to discover 7 things that make Australia amazing:

  1. Pro-gambling climate

Not only is Australia a liberal environment for those who love to gamble, it’s also considered to be a part of the people’s cultural identity. In Australia, no one will look at you sideways if you tell them how much time you’ve spent playing. If you want to know how many online casinos there are in Australia, you can visit websites like Topaustraliangambling.com to get a rough idea. Hint: there’s more than you can count.

  1. High minimum wage

In Australia, even the oddest jobs will pay no less than the minimum wage of $21.38 per hour, which adds up to roughly $800 per week. Not too shabby! Of course, that is assuming that you can find a job in the first place. Statistics suggest that an average job seeker is likely to land one between 3 to 6 months, so it’s not all doom and gloom. It is a competitive marketplace, though.

  1. Beaches for miles

With a coastline that stretches for miles on end, its 23,000 miles of beaches won’t make it too hard to find the perfect spot. Whether you’re into camping, surfing, taking a walk, or some good old fashion family fun, the 11,000+ Australian beaches offer something for everybody. Looking for a recommendation? Try the Hyams Beach! There, you’ll find the whitest sand in the world.

  1. Laid-back culture

Have you ever noticed the laid-back vibes in Australia and how everyone seems to be calling each other “mate”? Aussies simply know how to celebrate the simple act of living. In fact, there’s a festival for everything under the sun, whether it be food, movies, art, or anything else for that matter. Whatever you do, make sure not to miss out on their New Year’s celebration!

  1. Sunny weather

In Australia, the warm weather is pretty much a given, unless you live far off to the South. Imagine being able to sunbathe, surf, and enjoy outdoor sports all year long – that’s what you get just for living here. The funny thing about Australian summer and winter is that they are pretty much reversed when it comes to the kind of temperatures you can expect. Still, the temperature swings are rather mild, even during the colder months.

  1. Nature and wildlife

Most of Australia’s natural charms are untouched and thus ripe for exploration. There’s something magical about venturing into a desolate rainforest and discovering a waterfall you haven’t seen before. Don’t forget the wildlife that makes the whole experience quite unlike anything you’ve seen before in any of the other countries.

Australian wildlife is an inspiration to many.

  1. Vibrant cities

The vast majority of its inhabitants live in one of the beach cities. No matter which one you choose, you won’t be starved for a vibrant nightlife, great food, culture, and art. And the best thing about it? The nature is never too far away when you get tired of the concrete around you.


Australia is awesome! For the naysayers out there, you’d have to come by and experience it first-hand, making it likely you’ll never want to leave again.

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