3 Ways to Prep the Bride for the Bachelorette Party

3 Ways to Prep the Bride for the Bachelorette Party

If you have been organizing a good friend’s bachelorette party for the last few months, you may think that you have everything sorted down to the finest detail. Accommodation is booked, stripper is waiting in the wings and perhaps you are now giving yourself a big pat on the back. Before you go ahead and pour yourself that congratulatory glass of wine though, have you made sure that the bride has special consideration at the party? Of course, it is all there for her, but will she be thrusted into the spotlight through carefully chosen decisions? Here is a little checklist of things to remember for the bride, before you finally can wash your hands of the whole affair.

  1. What does she get?

Making sure the bride gets special treatment in the activities is especially important. For example, if you are going to watch a show, see if you can arrange a special call out to the bride. It is also worth considering if you will be getting the bride to do any special dares or actions in the evening. Perhaps discuss her boundaries beforehand though, in case things go too far. Of course, you do not want to be the reason the bride ends up arrested or in hospital the next day.

  1. What she wears

The bride is going to want to look great for her big night out with the ladies in her life. Depending on the sort of bride she is, or the sort of bridesmaids she has, it is worth considering if she needs a special outfit for the day. Is there a favorite character or celebrity that you could get her a costume of? Perhaps you could theme everyone to a special era like 1920s flapper girls for example.

Will you want to provide her with a ‘bride to be’ sash or veil, or get her a custom-made t-shirt? Think about what her style is and how she’ll want to stand out. Whatever it is going to be, have some ideas for the bride’s overnight bags to give her advice on her outfit choices for the night.

  1. What she drinks

Of course, you need to make sure the bride has her favorite choice of drink to hand, always. It is her night, and she should not be having to fight for an opportunity to quench her thirst wherever you go out. An effective way to avoid this is to arrange for a VIP booth in a club or bar for the drinking part of the evening, where you can access a special VIP service and drinks on a frequent basis. If it is a case of events at home, then just bulk up on her favorite range of cocktails.

Overall, you just need to make sure the ‘bride to be’ feels extra special on her last big night out as a single woman. It is a night she will always remember, with hopefully positive memories!

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