11 Cost Efficient Curb Appeal Tips From a Lawn Care Company

11 Cost Efficient Curb Appeal Tips From a Lawn Care Company

They say you never get a second chance at a first impression, and your home’s exterior is just that – a first impression. Whether you’re trying to sell your home or just want to improve your home’s aesthetics, curb appeal is everything.

The presentation of your landscape and the home front says a lot about how you care for your home. To your guests and potential homebuyers, an attractive and well-maintained exterior means that the rest of the home is likely very well maintained as well.

Thankfully, with these 11 cost-efficient curb appeal tips from a professional lawn care company, you can make the updates necessary to boost your home’s value without breaking the bank. 10% discount off any tree service for Veterans includes trimming, removals, stump grinding, and debris removal services.

  1. A little cleaning goes a long way.

Before adding to your home’s exterior, improve curb appeal with a little maintenance and upkeep on what you already have. It’s incredible what a good cleaning can do to improve your home’s look. Blackened walkways and driveways will look attractive once more after a good pressure washing. Even patio furniture will benefit from a good spit shine!

Hiring a professional to pressure wash your property will cost somewhere in the range of a couple of hundred dollars depending on the amount of work. However, they say there are few activities more satisfying than a pressure washing, so if you’ve got the time give it a try! Renting a pressure washer will set you back around $25-$75 depending on how long you need the tool.

  1. Plant a new tree or shrub.

By planting a tree in your yard, you can both boost your curb appeal AND be a good friend to Mother Nature – doesn’t get much better than that! If this is your first attempt at planting new trees or shrubs, start with a low-maintenance plant like a crepe myrtle or boxwoods. Magnolias, dogwoods, and oakleaf hydrangeas are also beautiful landscape additions that don’t require too much fuss in the long run. Before you get started, take the time to do a little research into the best trees and shrubs for your particular location and climate.

  1. Update your lighting.

When it comes to updating a home’s exterior, landscape lighting is often (and unfortunately) overlooked. Adding some uplighting on plants and on your home’s exterior is one of the most flattering ways to highlight your homes features. After all, people don’t only see our houses in the daytime!

Switching out your dated sconces is another affordable and worthwhile lighting update. New fixtures to accent your garage and front door can be purchased online or in stores for very reasonable prices. The increased value that lighting can provide to your home is more than worth the price.

  1. Weeding and mowing are a must.

Having good curb appeal with a wild and wooly lawn is simply not possible. Regular mowing with the help of an electric mower and weeding are the two main hallmarks of an attractive home front. The low monthly cost of having your lawn mown is well worth the value of a healthy lawn. If you happen to own your own mower, all a neat lawn will cost you is time and gas. And it doesn’t get more cost efficient than keeping your lawn and garden clear of unsightly weeds – all you need are a pair of gardening gloves and two hands to fill them!

  1. Refresh your doors.

Our eyes are naturally drawn to doors, and updating these focal points to look a bit more trendy and modern can be surprisingly easy and affordable. For the low cost of a few gallons of exterior paint, you can freshen up the style of your home with a bold new front door color.

If painting the garage door seems too daunting of a chore, try updating it with new accessories. You can purchase easy-to-install faux hinges for as low as $15 to give your garage the stylish “carriage house” look. Displaying trendy new house numbers near your door can also boost your curb appeal.

  1. Place planters.

Planters are the perfect statement pieces that can both boost curb appeal and give you the opportunity to show off your personal style. Potted plants can be used to define your entry way, fill voids in your landscaping, line the steps to your home, or even accent your mailbox. No matter how you choose to place planters, it’s pretty much a guaranteed improvement to your curb appeal.

  1. Mix in some mulch.

When guests view your home, you can be sure that sloppy, unattractive garden beds and landscape voids will NOT go unnoticed. There’s nothing like a fresh layer of mulch to spruce up the overall look of a landscape. For the low cost of adding a few bags of mulch, your home visually transforms from an unkempt mess to a crisp, well-maintained property.

Not only does mulch benefit your curb appeal, it also provides ample advantages to the health of your plants. Mulch helps to maintain stable soil temperatures, protects root systems, and prevents soil erosion. If mulch isn’t your thing, consider a longer-lasting alternative like pebbles, rocks, or even a creeping groundcover plant.

  1. Kick your mailbox area up a notch.

As mailboxes are down by the street curb, they are the first impression of a home’s literal CURB appeal. Our minds have more or less been trained to ignore them as boring fixtures that serve a simple purpose. But it doesn’t have to be that way! There are many fashionable and affordable mailbox options available that can be used to draw the eye in a positive and stylish way.

Another cost efficient way to kick your mailbox area up a notch is to add some simple landscaping around it. Whether you decide to plant flowers or add a potted plant or two, a small amount of neatly planted color near the curb helps your home present as attractive and well cared for.

  1. Trim overgrown trees and shrubs.

Although you may have gone blind to the drooping dead palms, dead tree branches, or overly bushy bushes in your yard, passersby are sure to spot them. Messy, unkempt landscaping is a major detractor in home value. And overgrown trees and shrubs are not only unattractive – they can be harmful to your yard. Pruning is an important lawn care chore that encourages healthy tree and shrub growth, reduces shading on your lawn, and stops potentially dangerous dead branches from falling.

Most of the trimming your yard requires can be done with simple garden tools making it very cost efficient. However, for safety and best results, trees should be trimmed by a professional company. Look for a local lawn care company for a more cost effective option.

  1. Hide those ugly outdoor home necessities.

Trash cans, hoses, and AC units – oh my! Although these outdoor items are home necessities, there’s no need for them to tarnish your curb appeal. Often a single panel of affordable vinyl fencing is all it takes to create a neat-looking barrier between your garbage bins and the world.

Another option is to plant a few taller shrubs, but this option will obviously require a bit more maintenance. Either way keeping the less attractive outdoor home necessities hidden is a great way to improve curb appeal and boost home value.

  1. Have your roof cleaned.

Although you may have stopped noticing the black streaks on your roof, we can assure that guests and potential home buyers will not. If selling your home is your aim, presenting a neat, clean roof is very appealing to buyers. Not only do buyers not want to deal with cleaning a roof upon moving in but a clean roof also gives your house a well maintained look.

The cost of having your roof cleaned will depend on the amount and difficulty of the work for the professional, but it’s typically in the $250-$700 range. However, finding a well-qualified local professional rather than a large company can help keep the cost lower.

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