An Inside Guide On Where To Buy A New Identity

An Inside Guide On Where To Buy A New Identity

If you’re looking to start over, buying a new identity can help you take control of your life. Whether you’re trying to escape from an ex-spouse, escape debt, or simply hide from the law, finding and purchasing the right identity can help you shed your past and create a new life. Here are some tips on where to buy a new identity so that you don’t end up with anything but legal troubles.

Why buy a new identity

Every day folks like the barista who serves you coffee and the bus driver who brings your children to school could all be hiding behind a new identity. Now, this could all seem far-fetched and reserved for movie plots. But recently, starting a new life with a new identity has been fairly easy.

In the current situation, most people seek new identities to evade the law. But to some extent, some are economic or political refugees who want to flee abuse and other existential threats in their countries. The underlying denominator is the belief that there is no legitimate alternative to changing your identity. Or, if there is, it isn’t off-the-books.

Many new identity service providers give their clients access to such documents. You can change about anything, including:

  • Driving licenses
  • Passports
  • Birth certificates
  • Bank accounts
  • Educational certificates

Now, you might think that these services are so expensive. You couldn’t be further from the truth!

You’ll be on your way to your new life at a fair price. And you’ll never look back again!

Documents used to create a new identity

Changing your identity has to be legit. It must cover every facet of your life with a foolproof background of your identity and educational and financial documents.

Identity Documents


The price for acquiring a passport varies depending on what you want. Typically, new identity vendors will offer an authentic, verifiable, registered passport or a counterfeit one. Now, authentic ones are more expensive than counterfeit passports.

European passport prices also range based on the factors above.

Social Security Cards/ID

Passports will only get you into a country. But a new identity seeker will need residency proof before being accepted as a citizen. Each country has unique identification forms, and a driver’s license is a general ID card. So, a new identity seeker needs both general and specific IDs.

Birth certificate

To make a case that you’re a natural-born citizen, your birth certificate’s details must match your identity. As with genuine citizens, a birth certificate is crucial when getting government-based services.

Education and Career Documents

You can also get an entirely new educational and professional background. These documents give you a fresh start. You can use them to create a unique back story and get a job. Ultimately, you can fit into any community and create plausible deniability.

You can have a new high school diploma, university degree, and master’s degree in this category. You can also fix poor grades.

Financial documents

Any new identity service provider has this service to offer. You can attain new bank accounts, credit cards, bank statements, and even a new credit score here. Some providers even offer to fix bad credit ratings and offer cash injections.

The Process of Buying a New Identity

In the past, you’d easily create a new identity using a deceased’s information. But today, it has become more complicated considering the increasing cases of identity theft and fraud. And it will keep getting worse as governments try to close in on new identity businesses. That’s why you should get a new identity with a trusted new identity service provider.

You could try to change your identity with the government. But this is not usually easy. You’ll also have to wait several months to receive your identity documentation. Also, they might not be off-the-books if you’re looking to start a new life below the grid.

That’s why it’s recommended that you find a private new identity vendor. Some have been in the industry for so long that they have acquired the experience and technology to do a superb job. Also, you can use your new identity anywhere in the world.

Cover and Legend

The two most crucial components of maintaining anonymity over the long term are a Cover and a Legend. A “Cover” is an alias, and the “Legend” is the backstory and supporting evidence for that alias.

The “Legend” you create is the backstory that gives credence to your new Cover/alias. Even if your Legend is from another nation, you should know the news and politics in your country.

You could get caught when someone asks you what school you attended in your cover town. Also, if your Legend has an accent, you should be able to imitate it. However, don’t go so far as raising suspicion. You can start by learning how the locals pronounce the names of favorite dishes and cities. This should come in handy if you have a local accent.

They say the best stories are the true ones. So, when you can, use the truth in your Legend. Don’t be afraid to use your personal experiences to build your Legend.

Never forget the simple facts of your new identity. They should come to you easily. These include your date of birth, residence, address, favorite foods and drinks, and so on.

Where to buy a new identity

You can easily buy a new identity online in easy steps.

Fill in a personal details form

First, you’ll have to look up a company that deals in legitimate new identities. Most can be found online or in the phone book. But before you choose the company to go with, do a little research. Browse their websites, review their services and prices, and evaluate your user experience. Do they inspire confidence with the services they offer? If so, proceed and inquire about their services. Most companies dealing in this trade will require an account of the events leading to your need for a new identity. This way, they can tell the extent of help you need. In the first step, you’ll fill out an online form detailing your personal details and the service you need.

Receive a confirmation email

After reviewing your initial information, the identity company will decide whether they will work with you. If they decide to proceed, they’ll advise on the documents you need for your new identity, alongside a quote for the service price.

Document processing

Your new identity service provider will create you a new identity. They’ll help you create a Cover and a Legend. Both are very instrumental when you meet new people as you begin your new life. A Legend is a backstory to avoid raising any suspicions about your new identity.

You will receive your documents, including social security numbers, driver’s licenses, passports, bank accounts, etc. You will use these in your new life.

How to get started living with your new identity

The first step to starting a new life is figuring out how to live with your new identity. This is usually the hardest part of it all. For most, it means finding a job and a house or apartment. Others look to settle into new communities. Either way, you must blend with the new community seamlessly.

But the good news is you won’t have to worry about using burner phones or visa gift cards. You’ll have a new legal identity that will facilitate your living anywhere. You can settle down, look for a job, and make some bucks to pay your bills and taxes.

How do I use my new identity without being caught?

Take the following steps to ensure you don’t get caught when using your new identity:

Step 1

Preparation is key. As you start a new life, remember to start from scratch. Get ready for the transfer by gathering all the paperwork, information, bank accounts, and credit cards you will need. Have a plausible history ready to go.

Step 2

Remember to practice. Change your routine and get used to introducing yourself with your new title and name.

Step 3

Adapt fast. Changing your routines, style choices, and demeanor can help keep you safer. Try new meals, hobbies, and traits that fit your new identity.

Step 4

You must move to another place. Get away from everyone and everything you know and love back home.

Step 5

You need to lay low. This rule goes without saying. Don’t draw attention to yourself; maintain a low profile. If you are escaping an abuser, this is crucial information.


There are many reasons why someone might want to buy a new identity. Maybe they’re starting over after a bad breakup or looking for a fresh start in a new city. Whatever the reason, you should get the best services for your money. Also, you’ll want a legal and authentic identity that you can use anywhere in the world. With these in mind, you’ll be well on your way to a new life.

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