Why do we need temp agencies?

Why do we need temp agencies?

Temping companies are commonly known as temp agencies or staffing agencies. They are the employment firms that focus on locating openings for job seekers, looking for temporary employment.

A few people misunderstand the term temp agency and get confused with the similar term of an employment agency. Long-term employment is what employment agencies aim to provide for their clients. Whereas via temp staffing, only temporary workers are placed.

Employment agencies do not get engaged with the individuals they place. But the staffing agency deals with client business at every level of hiring process.

When you opt to engage with a temp staffing firm because you need new employees, the procedure usually proceeds as follows:

  • You’ll first get in touch with a temp agency, describing the position’s duties, the number of people required, the timeframe for hiring new hires, and the pay or accounting for all expenses.
  • To match your requirements, temp firm advertises the job description for your corporation. If the applicant is a good fit for the position, they might additionally get in touch with each possible candidate separately.
  • After the process of selecting the interviewed candidates, the hiring manager or company owner meet the shortlisted one to make a final decision.
  • The majority of temp agencies take care of all the paperwork related to new workers, including contracts, taxes, and other payroll-related duties.

Temp and contract-based staffing agencies

  • When a hiring manager asks a staffing firm to find a candidate for a brief assignment, usually lasting between one month and a year, at a pre-agreed hourly billing rate, falls in a temporary staffing agency.
  • Another type is known as contract-based staffing agency, where the contract-to-hire agreement agrees on terms for a defined length of work. The employer can either terminate the employee or else, give him a permanent one after the contract’s term is up.

Why do an organization need temp agencies?

If you are running a business, you must know the value of time, and money. Temp staffing agencies are purposely made to reduce your stress, liability, and save your time and money as well.

  • The staffing company covers costs for employee benefits, liability insurance, and workers’ compensation.
  • Besides, you get access to a large pool of applicants that the agency spent effort locating. You can find additional areas where your company needs temporary assistance.
  • It’s a simple method to evaluate potential employees without having to commit to hiring them long-term before you’re sure they’re a good fit.
  • The temp agency manages all tax and employment documentation. You can do this to save time and streamline the procedure for your business.
  • An agency that staff’s temporary workers has experience in the field and may provide excellent insider knowledge.
  • Temp companies can be a useful resource for market information including market trends, comparable wages, and talented candidates are available. This insider knowledge can help you modify your business’s tactics and provide you an advantage over rivals.
  • You can develop significant network connections through a temp staffing about the market knowledge and sector experience. Getting connected with them will provide you with opportunities for cross-promotion and commercial growth.

Looking for a temp agency?

Why shouldn’t I tell you about an Award-winning recruiter which will not only suit your priorities but also manages more duties than other recruiters fulfill?

Scion Non-profit Staffing

Administrative search, contingent immediate hiring, and nonprofit quick staffing are all areas of expertise for Scion Nonprofit Staffing, which caters solely to businesses, foundations, associations, and educational institutions. This company was founded by human resources specialists and mission-driven staffing experts because they know how to successfully hire for the nonprofit sector. All US cities and locations are staffed by recruiters from their regional offices across the country and from distant areas. They swiftly and successfully offer local and national candidate possibilities for your region.

  • They bring a broad network of nonprofit experts to their customers as an award-winning nonprofit staffing agency.
  • To fulfill the demand and priorities of their service users, they are adept at utilizing their sizable nationally and internationally nonprofit applicant networks.
  • They are prepared to introduce you to the nonprofit expertise you need, from marketing specialty to CEO searches.
  • Their skilled professionals are prepared to assist you regardless of the amount of search service you need.

Scion temp staffing services include:

Before diving into the oceans of services, they provide various organizations, I want you to visit their official website through this link.

Let me give you an overview of all the services they give to non-profit, foundations, institutions, and organizations.

  • They provide excellent local and willing to work individuals for all US areas
  • They are always ready to deliver immediate assistance and quick turnaround
  • They facilitate trustworthy workers for a number of jobs and sectors.
  • Their carefully prescreened staff and candidate options given to the service-users, promptly and intelligently
  • The service of hiring alternatives, including instant-hire, temporary, and temp-to-hire positions.
  • The stay at the top when its about the finest assistance given while recruiting process.
  • Their favor of continuing assistance to ensure the success of your hire makes them the best non-profit recruiter.

Why should you prefer Scion?

Over a million charitable organizations, trusts, academic institutions, and connections have been effectively recruited by their skilled nonprofit recruiters from 2006 throughout the United States. They use their extensive skilled networks and enthusiasm for the foundation to link their clients with the best talents available in the marketplace, from renowned institutions and research centers to significant social services.

Due to being a local organization, they also recruit nonprofits. Their owners are professionals in nonprofit recruiting and bring years of executive and board-level management expertise to the market. Their recruiters at Scion have received exceptional training to meet the demands of the temp industry. They have done this by utilizing their expertise in nonprofit organizational management.


In this article, I’ve covered everything including the various kinds of temp agencies and their benefits to a suggestion for a staffing firm that has won awards. You should look for a few companies independently after reading all the advantages a temp agency can offer. You could choose the best staffing agency for your business by comparing the leading ones. Remember to check out the aforementioned link when comparing the top staffing firm.

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