8 Benefits Of Joining Lifestyle Clubs

8 Benefits Of Joining Lifestyle Clubs

A lifestyle club is like a social and entertainment club, only with a broader scope of facilities and things to do. If you’re thinking of joining a lifestyle club in your area and becoming a member or regular guest, what are some of the benefits of joining lifestyle clubs? Read on to learn more.

#1 – A World Of Fun and Entertainment

A major focus of a lifestyle club is providing an atmosphere of fun and entertainment for everyone. This includes bars and lounges where you can kick back to enjoy drinks and conversation, be treated to entertaining live performances, participate in other club activities, win prizes in games and raffles, play the pokies and so much more. Providing fun and entertainment for members and guests is always a top priority.

#2 – Meet With Your Friends Or Make New Friends

Lifestyle clubs generally consist of social club areas, restaurants, cafes and more, so they are the perfect venue to meet up with your friends or work colleagues. You can even go it alone and have a drink at your local lifestyle club. The atmosphere is casual, warm and welcoming and it’s quite easy to strike up conversations and friendships with other patrons.

#3 – Everything Conveniently Located On One Concourse

Because a lifestyle club is designed to be an all-encompassing facility, you’ll find much of what you want or need all in the one centre. Of course, this creates convenience which enhances a person’s lifestyle. Depending on what the club offers, you’ll be able to enjoy sports, drinks and entertainment, attend a function, work out at the gym, enjoy a meal and even bring the little ones along. The idea of a lifestyle club is to bring a variety of entertainment options and facilities together in one location.

#4 – Enjoy Member Discounts and Special Offers

One of the major benefits of joining a lifestyle club is all the discounts and special offers available if you sign on to be a member. You’ll discover awesome discounts on things like food and beverages, members only prices for special events, the potential to win fantastic prizes and so much more. Every day or evening of the week you’ll find there is something on offer reserved for members only, so it’s worth it to become a VIP at your local lifestyle club.

#5 – Exquisite Dining Options

Lifestyle clubs usually have at least one or more restaurants offering a variety of mouth-watering food choices. There will be something to suit everyone’s tastes, including the kids. Casual dining is the most popular form of dining for Aussies, yet the food is top-class and the prices are affordable. You can go out for dinner and then take advantage of the entertainment options the lifestyle club provides.

#6 – Host a Function Or Corporate Event

Lifestyle centres often have rooms and areas that cater to various functions and events, so if you’re planning some sort of function, you can host it at your local lifestyle club. Events and functions may include things like product launches, awards nights, weddings and parties, dancing, information nights and more. You can do it all at your lifestyle club.

#7 – Get In Shape

Many Aussies today are focused on maintaining their ideal weight and living a healthy lifestyle, so joining a lifestyle club that has a fitness centre is a huge bonus. You could work out at the gym and health and fitness facilities in the morning, afternoon or evening, then take advantage of the other amenities the club offers. The fitness centre will also provide personal trainers, instructors and host various fitness classes.

#8 – Get Active With Other Activities

Outdoor sports and indoor activities are inclusive in many lifestyle clubs around the country. What’s on offer will vary from club to club. For example, your lifestyle club may have a lawn bowls centre and possibly even tennis courts. Indoors, you can play billiards, with many clubs offering snooker as an option. There is always something exciting to do at a lifestyle club.

The Takeaway

As you can see, there are many benefits and advantages to joining a lifestyle club. This article has only highlighted some of those benefits. To learn more, visit your local lifestyle club to discover what’s on offer.

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