Treadmill vs Ellitpical Machine

Your exercise options at the gym depend in part on your fitness goals. But before starting an exercise program, see your doctor or a physical therapist at the Southeastern Spine Institute (SSI) if your aim is to safeguard your spine.

You’ll discover that the finest back exercises aren’t usually the most obvious ones.

Popular cardio equipment like the elliptical and treadmill has been shown to be good for your health.

  • strengthens your heart and the rest of your cardiovascular system
  • strengthens your endurance
  • increases balance
  • consumes calories
  • lowers the risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and arthritis
  • ensures an endorphin rush that makes you feel wonderful

Both ellipticals and treadmills are great machines for cardiovascular fitness. Running on concrete or asphalt is worse for your back than any of these. But which workout is better for your back?

The Significant Effect of Treadmills

Alternating speeds and inclination options are available on treadmills. You may use the machines to run and stroll indoors, in a safe setting.

Depending on the pace and intensity of your activity, exercising on a treadmill can have a high or low effect on your joints and lower back. While they might aid in calorie burning, treadmills mostly work out your lower body.

Treadmills offer specialized training for runners, but using one for running or jogging is a high-impact exercise. If you are recuperating from a back operation, have joint discomfort, or have previously had a back injury, high-impact workouts might not be appropriate for you.

On a treadmill, your posture often deteriorates as you wear out, which increases your risk of reinjury. Because of this, running on a treadmill is not the best back workout.

The Gentle Posture Saver

In contrast, using an elliptical trainer may initially seem strange since the motion is similar to standing up when riding a bike.

However, it has little to no effect on your back, hips, or knees. And because of that, it’s perfect if you’re getting well from back discomfort.

Low-impact exercise protects your spine and encourages healthy posture. Over time, it may even help to strengthen your back.

The upper body grips on elliptical machines often target your arms, chest, and upper back in addition to your knees, giving you a full-body exercise.

Ellipticals are typically regarded as low-impact cardio equipment since, like a bicycle, they don’t need you to take your feet off the pedals while you exercise. Treadmills might also provide great support to your knees if your machines are well-cushioned. You can check this great guide to learn more about the best models for low-impact training.

Your bones and joints don’t take the beating that they do when you run outside or on a treadmill when you use an elliptical machine.

You may isolate the calf and hamstring muscle groups on ellipticals by pedaling backward. The arm grips and foot pedals also help you maintain your posture when you get tired, lowering your risk of back damage.

The Most Effective Back Exercises

When you use the equipment properly, cardio exercise relieves back pain and reduces your risk of getting hurt again. Your general health will improve with aerobic exercise, whether done on a treadmill or elliptical machine.

Although you would think an elliptical workout is simpler than a treadmill workout, in reality, they both burn about the same amounts of calories.

Elliptical machines are the best form of exercise for your back because they make a great substitute for jogging or running.

However, walking on a treadmill is a close second because it has a lower impact than running. Because each person is unique, consult your SSI spine expert for their opinion on your specific situation.

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