6 Tips for Creating Captivating Train Ads

6 Tips for Creating Captivating Train Ads

What Is Train Rail Advertising?

Among the types of transit, advertising is train rail advertising. Train advertising has become increasingly popular among brands and businesses. Train stations are highly trafficked places, making them a great place to advertise. This covers all forms of advertising within a train rail (subway) station, including the interior and exterior of cars, the platforms around the trains, etc. Rail advertising offers a way to break up the monotony of commuting with both inside and outside branding. Regardless of your business, train advertising is a great way to reach your audience. You can reach consumers throughout their commute by using large, colorful media to catch their attention. From lunchtime shoppers to commuters on their way to work, commuter rails and subways reach a wide audience.

Why Choose Train Rail Advertising?

Here are some of the top advantages of train advertising:

Captivate a Huge Audience

As mentioned above, train advertising reaches a wide audience. In the United States and Europe, trains are one of the most common forms of transportation. That means people may travel on the same route daily and get frequent exposure to advertisements placed on trains, train stops, stations, etc. Train advertising is so effective because of its extensive reach aimed to target just about everyone within eyesight. The key to capturing these potential customers is to stand out from the crowd.

Undivided Attention

A key distinction of train advertising is undivided attention. The reason for this is the dwell time travelers experience while waiting for their trains. The time travelers spend waiting for their trains allows them to soak up their surroundings, or at least take them in subconsciously. A well-placed, clever advertisement will almost certainly capture travelers’ attention, which is very valuable to brands. It has been proven that travelers with prolonged dwell times are more receptive to advertisements, which is the key to maximizing the amount of attention an advertisement can receive.

Versatility and Types

Train station advertising is becoming increasingly popular among advertisers because of its versatility and types. Generally, train advertising consists of interior car card ads (inside train ads); train exterior ads (such as partial and full wraps); and train station-platform ads.


Train Station advertising is a must-have for any brand’s advertising campaign, not just because it can reach both mainstream and niche markets but also because it is a cost-effective and affordable advertising format.

6 Train Advertisement Tips That Will Make Your Brand Stand Out 

1. Build a Story

You must give the average person who sees your billboard needs a reason to take action. By weaving a story into all your messaging, you can add continuity to your train advertising. As a result, prospects and customers become more familiar with your business, and barriers between them are broken down. Brands that get this right are instantly recognizable across marketing channels.

2. A Strong Visual Representation

Imagery does the bulk of the work when it comes to the design of effective train advertising. The right image can stir emotions, evoke memories, and create an immediate reaction. Keep your designs simple and avoid anything too distracting to convey your message. Unless you get your audience to understand your meaning quickly, you will miss the opportunity.

3. Simple Texts and Fonts

Brevity is key in advertising, especially in train advertising. Make sure your copy is short and sweet and conveys one key message. Keep it as simple and focused as possible. Fonts should be large and readable. Make sure the font stands out against the image by avoiding serif fonts. It is also best to avoid small text as it may be difficult to read.

 4. Colors and Contrast

Brands are defined by their colors. Colors are powerful, memorable, and can stir up an emotional response. To make your billboard stand out, add contrast and saturation.

 5. Inspire to Take Action

Having seen the billboard, people feel an emotional connection, and now they are seeking a reason to take action. Encourage them to take action with a strong call to action. Often, billboards feature a call to action to search for a brand name.  You don’t have to offer something to get someone’s attention, but expressing a goal or next step is essential.

6. Tailor to the Medium

The time consumers spend looking at your advertisement varies. Use this to your advantage. In train advertising, commuters often stand on the platform for a long time, waiting for a train to show up. Taking advantage of extended dwell time is an opportunity. Longer text excerpts work well in this setting. While commuting, passengers look for something to distract them; they hold their attention.


It is clear that train advertising is a very valuable marketing tool. Millions of people travel by train every year, whether for work or leisure. Train advertising remains an effective way to maximize visibility and reach for any advertising campaign.

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