Forklift Parts 101 – Common Parts and Terms

Forklift Parts 101 – Common Parts and Terms

There are a few terms and parts that are common on forklifts. The information below will give you some insight into the parts and functions of a forklift.

Drive Wheels

Forklifts such as the Fast Moving Yale forklift products require drive wheels to transfer loads. These wheels are crucial in various applications but can also be at risk of damage if the load presses debris into them. In addition, if debris is not carefully removed, the load wheel may tear apart. For this reason, choosing the right load wheel is critical.

Drive wheels may need to operate on various surfaces, including dust, moisture, and smooth floors. Abrasive floors can lead to excessive tire wear, so choose tires suitable for your environment. For example, metal-studded tires may not be appropriate for food-related environments, as they may cause heat buildup.

Dock Plate

A forklift dock plate is one of the most crucial equipment for loading docks. Its role is to fill the space between a truck body and a trailer to ensure smooth loading and unloading. In addition, a dock plate also allows for the quick and easy coupling of different trailers to one another. Therefore, a forklift dock plate is considered one of the most important parts of a loading dock safety program.

A dock leveler is made of several parts, including a ratchet bar. It is a steel bar with inclined teeth on one side. Its function is to prevent vehicles from moving away from a dock surface. It can be mounted flush against the deck assembly. It can be used to level the pit-mounted dock levelers and to provide toe protection to both powered and non-powered industrial vehicles.


Dolly forklifts are designed to move cargo on and off a truck. They have special attachments that can move odd-shaped freight, such as long pallets or rugs. Special extensions also allow forklifts to move large rolls of fabric. The joint initiative increases supply chain security and minimizes delays.

Double Bottom

Many parts go into constructing a double-bottom forklift, including a drum handler attachment. This attachment slides onto the tines and has a spring-loaded jaw that grips the top edge of a drum while in motion. Another important component is a man basket, a lift platform with rails to prevent a person from falling, and brackets for attaching a safety harness.

Tilt Cylinder

Forklift tilt cylinders are important components that control the angle and direction of a forklift. Double-acting hydraulic cylinders can push or pull a load along a predefined path. Tilt cylinders are attached to the forklift’s upright assembly’s right and left stationary rails. They provide an even level of control and prevent the forklift from flexing during use.

Lift Height

The lift height is an important part of forklifts and is often displayed on the forklift’s data plate. This measurement is important because a high lift height affects a forklift’s stability and overall height. In addition, an extended lift height increases a load’s leverage, which means it can be used to move heavier items.

There are several types of forklifts, each with its own lift height. In addition, there are simplex, double-stage, and quad-stage models. These models are commonly used in warehousing, construction, and rental fleets. Single-stage forklifts usually have one channel, while double-stage or triple-stage models usually have two channels.

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