4 cab safety rules to keep you away from danger

4 cab safety rules to keep you away from danger

The first thing that strikes your mind while entering a cab is your safety. Generally, cab services offer you the facility of booking a taxi online with one click. It is one of the most affordable, convenient, and comfortable ways to travel from one place to another in a city. Thousands of people travel in a taxi every day. There are many popular cab services like Uber, Ola, Airdrie cab services, and many more. Traveling in a taxi with someone is good and there are fewer chances of danger. But if you are traveling alone then it is normal to get questions in your mind.

Whenever you travel alone in a taxi, you experience a little uncomfort and fear because you are traveling with someone unknown and now you are under his control. In other words, your destination now depends upon the driver. So there are some important points to remember while getting a taxi alone.

Safety tips to travel in a taxi: 

  • Never choose to book a taxi when you are drunk: It is very risky to take a taxi alone when you are drunk and you don’t have control over yourself. It is better to ask a friend to drop you off or share a taxi with you. When you are drunk, your mind is in a subconscious state and there are high possibilities that you might get unconscious or sleep in the taxi. In this case, there are chances of getting robbed, raped, beaten, and even killed. There are many similar cases have been reported on social media. So never take a taxi alone when you are insanely drunk, I repeat never.
  • Keep track of your location: Whenever you are traveling in a taxi, no matter whether you are alone or with your family, friends, or colleagues, it is a must to keep a track of the location you have booked a taxi for. You can do so by keeping your navigation on or you can simply track your location from the same app from which you have booked your taxi. Don’t forget to note the time that how much your taxi will take to reach the destination. This keeps you away from the frauds and the danger of misleading the way. You can’t trust anyone unknown easily and it also keeps you away from the mis-happenings like kidnapping or being robbed.
  • Always choose the back seat: if you are traveling alone then always go for the back seat instead of the front seat. This keeps you safe and away from the bad intentions of the driver if there are any. And be active when you are in a taxi and note every single detail of the driver and his reactions. Some drivers are habitual of talking with the riders and you may also feel comfortable while talking but always keep in mind that never give your details to an unknown person as he can pass it to someone else and can also take advantage of it. Remember to close the windows and always keep your phone charged and onn in your hand. Whenever you feel like something weird just call for help.
  • Check the identity of the driver: before sitting in the cab, make sure that the taxi you have booked is the same one you are going to seat. Firstly, check the number plate of the taxi and then match the identity of the driver and match his name and face with the photo in the cab. Due to Covid-19, people are more aware of hygiene in every field. So it is necessary to wear a mask and check the vaccination details of the driver too. Take the taxi only when the driver is fully vaccinated.


Safety is the most important while you are traveling alone in a taxi. You should trust your intentions and whenever it feels like something weird, don’t think twice to take an n action. After all, you are traveling with someone unknown and it is risky to blindly trust anyone in matters of safety. Above are the most important points that you should keep in your mind while taking a taxi especially when you’re alone. But safety is our duty. So remember to take safety measures.

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