Perya Online Gambling explained: Fresh strategies

Perya Online Gambling explained: Fresh strategies

The modern gambling industry is starved of new formats, which makes pulling the lever less exciting each year. Players are often limited to slots and many variations of traditional table games. It does not matter how many rule sets were invented, making certain combinations of cards becomes stale. So the developers start to look at some of the more niche gambling activities as many societies played such games in the past.

Today’s topic is one of the more remarkable features of Philippines called Perya. It is the central part of many carnivals taking place multiple times a year. Being widely known and having complex yet engaging rules are the perfect features for the electronic gambling machine. And Perya easily meets both of the requirements!

Where it origins from

Not all of us have visited the Philippines and played the game in question, so talking a bit about its origins is necessary. It is hard to find solid evidence or documents describing the first time these people played Perya. But from word of mouth, the tradition is nearly 6 centuries old.

Compared to the regular dice rules, it offers a much more engaging and player-oriented experience. You simply choose 1 color on the board from 6 existing ones. A dealer tosses 3 special dices then with a different color on each side. If the chosen color had appeared a single time you win 2 times the bet. Double the color results in triple winnings, and finally, if all 3 dices facing the chosen color, your money will be multiplied by 4!

But what can be more tedious than visiting the country of its origins if anyone can play it online? A handful of websites like GoPerya offer an authentic experience enhanced by tournaments, bonuses, and a VIP ladder! Let us show fellow gamblers all the nuances of playing Perya’s digital version.

A quick start guide

A transition from colorful carnivals to the vast online gambling landscapes comes with many features to learn. The first one comes from a dozen of variants available, which has many similarities to the traditional game but also to familiar gambling machines. Top 3 Perya games to try:

  • Coin Flip;
  • Color Game;
  • Hi-Lo.

It would be a waste of your time explaining how to play each one of them, as the «Help» page can do it better. Find the «i» symbol on the play screen in order to access it. And do not forget each game has a demo mode where you have given an unlimited amount of coins. Learn all the mechanics without risking your wallet’s content!

Overwhelm the odds with this hint

In addition, online Perya gambling offers various boosts to your initial bet in the form of deposit rewards. You can get match bonuses, free rounds, and cashback with promocodes. It is basically free money, do not be lazy and activate them before each gaming session. Download the Perya application on your phone or tablet to gamble on the go!

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