How Emergency Dental Care Turns Your Frown Upside Down

How Emergency Dental Care Turns Your Frown Upside Down

Most people don’t realize how important their teeth are to their social life. Your teeth are an invaluable social currency that should get regular medical attention from a dentist to remain in peak condition. Special care is also required to ensure you can smile freely, bringing life back to any room or conversation.

Emergency dental care forms a crucial and necessary part of dental care — here’s why.

What Is Emergency Dental Care?

Not every dental issue is considered an emergency. Most dental emergencies cause severe pain and bleeding and may result in tooth loss. In case of an accident that leaves your tooth or teeth chipped or loosely attached to the gum, you should make an appointment immediately.


Lastly, if you suspect an infection around your teeth or tooth, you should make an emergency appointment because this can cause fatal complications.

Are There Cases That Do Not Constitute a Dental Emergency?

If your dental issue can wait until your next dentist’s appointment, it probably does not need emergency dental care services. A chipped or cracked tooth is usually an emergency if it is painful or the tooth looks like it is partially uprooted. Lastly, patients that lose their crown or filling don’t need to get it fixed immediately because it can wait until the dentist’s appointment.

What Constitutes the Most Common Dental Emergencies, and How You Can Prevent Them

Tooth pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is seriously wrong. It could be caused by tooth decay leading to swelling around the affected tooth. If you develop a toothache, avoid self-medicating and instead use a cold compress on the outside of your cheek and call a dental clinic for emergency care. To avoid toothaches, practicing basic oral hygiene regularly and consistently to prevent cavities and severe dental problems is vital.

Chipped and Broken Teeth

Chipped and broken teeth can ruin your perfect smile and cause severe pain. If you crack or chip your tooth, do not attempt to fix it or pull it out, just apply a cold compress and visit your dental clinic for emergency dental care services. To avoid this mishap, your dentist will advise you to avoid biting down on hard things.

Knocked Out Tooth

A tooth can either be completely knocked out or partially knocked out. If your tooth is completely dislodged, pick it up by the crown and rinse it off using clean it off without cleaning any tissue fragments attached to the root. If the tooth is whole, your dentist may be able to put it back in place. In case of bleeding, place gauze on the bleeding site to slow the bleeding.

Broken Orthodontics

Some people manage to break their braces which can leave sharp jagged wires sticking out and poking the gums or cheeks. This can leave the patient in an uncomfortable position; if this happens, try pressing down the wire or covering the sharp edge with soft orthodontic wax, small cotton balls, or gauze. Do not attempt to cut the wire to avoid unintentional swallowing.

Emergency Dental Care Q&A

What happens if I lose a tooth filling?

If you suddenly lose your filling, you can use sugar-free gum to cover up the cavity or buy dental cement at your local grocery store or pharmacy. If you decide to use sugar-free gum, ensure it is sugar-free, as sugar can cause severe pain by irritating your gum and nerve endings.

What do I do when I have a toothache?

Most toothaches are bad enough that patients cannot fall asleep, eat or communicate properly. You can try brushing or flossing your teeth to remove any aggravating fragments from the tooth. Aspiring works for the pain but do not try and put it against the gums where the aching tooth is because it can cause burning and irritation. Call your dentist to get emergency dental care services if the pain persists and causes swelling.

What happens if a baby tooth is knocked out?

If your child’s baby tooth is knocked out during play, do not attempt to replant it, as it may interfere with the growth of the following permanent tooth. Call your pediatric or emergency dentist for an appointment, as they will be most suited to chart a way forward. If the accident causes pain that persists after the tooth is knocked out, get the child to the emergency dentist as soon as possible.

What do I do if my jaw is fractured?

A fractured or broken jaw is a severe injury that requires immediate medical attention. The chances of a major concussion from the force that broke your jaw are also high, so it is essential to get emergency medical attention from an emergency medical team. Any dental injuries will come secondary to head injuries which can be life-threatening at the moment.

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