The 11 Most Instagram-Worthy Restaurants in Los Angeles

The 11 Most Instagram-Worthy Restaurants in Los Angeles

Deciding what restaurant to go to in L.A. can be challenging. Before choosing a place, some factors need to be considered, such as the menus and reviews.

Another factor is the aesthetic of the restaurant. Choosing a place worth sharing on Instagram has been added to the list of restaurants to go to.

What are the most Instagram-worthy restaurants in Los Angeles? What restaurants do celebrities and influencers go to in L.A.?

This article provides information on the most Instagram-worthy restaurants in Los Angeles. It includes information on where to find these places and what makes them Instagram-worthy.

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Top 11 Instagram-Worthy Restaurants in Los Angeles

Many things complete the ambiance of a restaurant, like the interior design, the theme of the place, and the food.

Fine dining restaurants often have neat interiors in neutral colors like black, white, and gold. They also offer sophisticated and curated dishes.

Meanwhile, cafés offer a more calming vibe with casual food and a relaxing interior design.

Whether you prefer dining in a formal and elegant restaurant or chilling in a friendlier coffee shop, these restaurants in Los Angeles are just the right places to visit for your next Instagram post.

Malibu Farm

Positioned on a beautiful pier in Malibu is the eye-catching restaurant of Malibu Farm. You have a view of the Pacific while they serve you first-class dishes.

Some ingredients from the restaurant’s menu are grown in the owner’s backyard, and everything is locally sourced. The owner believes in serving meals with no artificial or secret ingredients.

The stunning view and vibe of the restaurant are worth taking a picture of, such as the string lights, ocean views, the signage of the Malibu Farm, and the simple decor.


Republique is a restaurant in L.A. that is perfect for your weekend brunch. Toast and fried rice is a dish you must try.

The dish may be unusual for breakfast, but you will change your mind once you try it. The food is already worth the snap, but the interiors with the antique look that goes back to 1920 are what will make your Instagram aesthetic.

Spago Beverly Hills

If you want to treat yourself in a restaurant in L.A., visit Spago Beverly Hills. Here, you can experience and expect unique dishes. Their fresh ingredients are locally sourced in California.

The dishes, such as roasted rack of Colorado lamb, crispy scale black sea bass, and wood oven pizza, are worth trying.

You can visit them at 176 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

The Living Room

Located at the Peninsula Beverly Hills, the Living Room can give you the experience of having tea in a dream world.

The restaurant serves Afternoon Tea; their specialty drink, bite-size sandwiches, and pastries are a must-try. They also have 19 blends of tea.

The live harp’s stylish interior, delicate lighting, and calming performance are all Instagram-worthy.

Alfred Coffee

Alfred’s has many stores in Los Angeles that make it easy to grab a coffee and snap a picture.

Each decor of these stores is unique and attractive in all directions. Every decor looks Instagram-ready, from the sleeves for your coffee printed on it, floral wallpapers, to neon signages.

The colorful work makes Alfred a prominent place to put on the list to visit for an Instagram photo.

The Cabana Café

A café visited by celebrities and icons, the Cabana Café is a place that is worth the spot on your Instagram feed. The café is inside the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The place is already Instagram-worthy with its decoration of pink and stripes of green, warm booths that provide tablespace for creative food photography.

The Cabana Café’s food is also attractive to the eyes, with the wood-fired pizza and the McCarthy salad.

Il Cielo

The Los Angeles Magazine considered Il Cielo the most romantic restaurant in Los Angeles. The presentation of the dishes is already Instagram-worthy. Still, the patio with glimmering lights and walls with ivy decorations are also worth the snap.

Il Cielo can cater wedding cakes, floral arrangements, and complex lighting displays.

Ladurée Beverly Hills

Laduree Beverly Hills is in the heart of Beverly Hills, but its looks are Paris-inspired. The place has assorted colors, such as pastel-colored macarons, walls of white lattice, and highlights of large flowers.

If you are vegan, the restaurant also has a fully vegan option for lunch and dinner menus. You can also order the small petit fours if you want to eat light.

Café Sheera

An attractive, picture-perfect, and calming café on North Bedford Drive Beverly Hills, Café Sheera is a must-try coffee shop in L.A.

Their specialty tea, like the Mariage Freres tea, freshly baked pastries, partnered with a flower wall, Café Sheera is a picture-perfect coffee shop.


THEBlvd is a restaurant in L.A. with an interior that is perfect for feeding your Instagram—located inside the Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel.

The place serves local California food below spacious interior ceilings or dines al-fresco with an overlooking view of the Rodeo Drive. 

The Rooftop by J.G.

The Rooftop by J.G. is filled with fashion enthusiasts any time of the day. At 12 stories high, the restaurant has a glass perimeter with a wide-ranging view of Beverly Hills, where most people pose for a photo.

With an elegant view paired with a Michelin-starred chef, the Rooftop by J.G. may be one of the restaurants in L.A. you would want to visit with an Instagram-worthy place.

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