How to use Gamehag to play games that pay real money

How to use Gamehag to play games that pay real money

There is good evidence that shows that video games are quite popular. After all, there are more than 2 billion online gamers across the globe. If you intend to play online games, then you can make money by playing games that pay real money so that you can turn your favorite hobby into a side hustle.

Thankfully, Gamehag gives you the chance to earn free gift cards, video games, and a variety of prizes just for playing premium titles on your mobile phone or laptop. With premium titles, you can be paid to play all your favorite games. This page discusses how to use Gamehag to play games that pay real money.

Understanding Gamehag

Gamehag is a get-paid-to-play site that can reward you for playing online games and completing a wide range of tasks. There is a chance that you may have used an app that pays you to play games, so you can be familiar with how Gamehag works. But unlike many gaming reward apps that tend to be mobile only, you can also use Gamehag on your PC.

Besides, this platform gives a good number of games that you can play and premium titles. The reward variety is also good, and you can receive gift cards, free Steam games skins for games, such as Counter Strike and redeem key titles for free to help you to expand your gaming collection.

It’s worth mentioning that Gamehag uses their currency called Soul Gems. You can exchange this currency for various rewards they offer. But you need to create an account before you can use Gamehag. You can do this by connecting a current Steam or Facebook account. If you don’t have any of these accounts, you can use your email to sign up.

You should remember that you have to play each game via your Gamehag account so that they can verify the progress you make and pay you Soul Gems. And, this also means that you should create a new account for every game regardless of whether or not you have already played a specific game and made some progress. There are many ways you can earn Soul Gems and some are more beneficial than others.

How to get started with Gamehag

One of the ways you can start playing games and earn Soul Gems because Soul Gems payouts are usually higher than other tasks on Gamehag. Therefore, you need to download and play games so that you can earn hundreds or even thousands of Soul Gems, though this can depend on the offer.

You can check in the Games menu to see the games that you can play. In this menu, you can view the necessary information about the games and access forums and news feeds where you can communicate with other players. And, each game also shows that you need to compete to claim the reward. In most cases, this can include reaching a specific level and finishing a few tasks within the game.

You can find some games that have several levels of earning. Therefore, when you access a level of earnings, you can go to another level that may give you even more earnings. It’s important to remember that all these can sometimes take a couple of hours of gameplay to finish, so you should make sure that you like gaming and focus on the process so that you can earn more Soul Gems.

You can also complete contracts to earn from Gamehag. A contract is a collection of small tasks that you can complete to earn rewards, though most of them are instant and only take a couple of minutes. This can include connecting social media accounts, watching ads, following Gamehag on Instagram, joining their Discord server, and signing up for a website.

Many of these tasks you have to do can earn you rewards right away, but some of them, such as surveys, can sometimes take a few days for you to receive the Soul Gems in your account. You need to track these tasks and your earnings. If the gems that you need to earn don’t show up in the account after a few days or weeks, you must contact customer support for help.

The amount of Soul Gems you can earn for taking surveys is quite small. Therefore, it’s a good idea to play games because you can earn more Soul Gems than completing surveys.

Another good way you can earn cash with Gamehag is to utilize the site regularly. You can get rewards by simply logging in frequently. For instance, you can earn at least 20 Soul Gems when you log in on seven successive days.

There is also another great feature that Gamehag offers you to earn Soul Gems. You can earn Soul Gems by writing articles related to specific games on their site. Each article you write can give you experience points which may get you closer to reaching advanced levels. Each new level you can reach earns you extra Soul Gems. Article writing usually focuses on walkthroughs, game reviews, and other gaming related content.

But if you intend to earn cash with creative writing and enjoy video games, then this can be a great option. You should just remember that it’s not that lucrative because you can often earn at least 250 Soul Gems, though this depends on the article.

Also, there are some specific requirements that you need to meet to have your article approved and receive your earnings. Some of these requirements include the basics, such as no duplicating and no plagiarism. But they also have some specific requirements when it comes to spelling, format, structure, graphics, and links.

You can also post on the Gamehag forums, but you need to be an active member on these forums. Also, you can earn experience points by contributing to forum discussions, which can assist you to reach advanced levels and receive more money in the future. It makes sense to keep in mind this, especially if you want to maximize your earning on Gamehag, and just 5 of your posts can contribute to points.

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