Best Roulette Strategies for beginners

Best Roulette Strategies for beginners

Gambling is a well-liked pastime that has been providing entertainment for people for the last 5000 years. Along with human communities, the game has developed with time, and with the advent of the internet era, casinos and betting companies have gone online. Since most people now own smartphones, gambling and betting are even more accessible and convenient, and players are given access to all available gaming features and alternatives to best suit their needs.

Nowadays, practically all of the casino games you used to play in a traditional “physical” native casino location are available online in a rich and diverse selection. Although some apparent changes when playing online, operators have come up with clever solutions like live gaming and video gaming to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Making a Bet

You will have a specific window of time to put a wager after choosing the website you wish to play on and starting a new game. To do this, go online and choose the chip corresponding to the stake size you want to use, then click the number(s) or section(s) you wish to wager on. The chip should then show up as a symbol on your selected number.

The dealer will then yell, “No more bets” in live roulette games, at which point the wheel will start spinning on its own. To start the wheel spinning in other non-live games, the player must click the “spin” or “spin wheel” area.

The ball will then touch a winning number in both live and non-live games, causing the wheel to stop and the winning number to appear on the screen. When the betting table is clean, you can start placing your wagers for the subsequent spin.

The earnings would be sent automatically into your account balance if you were a winner. You can continue betting, make new wagers, or end the game.

Different Bets

You can make a variety of wagers on the outcome of a roulette wheel spin, and they can be divided into inner bets and outside bets.

Inside bets are single or combination bets that use the numbers 0-36 on a roulette wheel as their focus. Inside wagers come in the following varieties:

  • Straight: You can wager at odds of 35/1 on a single number or set of numbers. In other words, if you wagered 10 on “17” and it came up, you would win a total of 360.
  • Split: This is a wager made on two different numbers that are adjacent to one another on the betting board. For instance, this might be 17 and 20. Since the odds are now 17/1, you have a better chance of winning than if you had placed a straight wager.
  • Street: A street bet offers chances of 11/1 if your chosen number lands and covers three consecutive numbers, such as 16, 17, and 18.
  • Corner/Square – This wager entails wagering on four numbers in a single spin and is made by placing your chip(s) on the cross where the numbers meet. The odds on this kind of wager are 8/1.
  • Six-Number: This wager has odds of 5/1 and covers two lines of numbers next to one another.

Best and most effective roulette tactics

Positive and negative progression systems, the two leading betting structures, each offer a variety of roulette strategies that are well worth researching if you want to spice up your gameplay. However, we will still discuss flat betting structures like the James Bond strategy.

Remember that no techniques can guarantee you win at the wheel. Casino like 꽁머니  may offer you chances to spin but no assurance to win. There is no point in aiming for a risk-free experience because, like with other casino games, a risk component must be avoided.

Martingale technique

The Martingale betting strategy, which can be utilized in casino games other than roulette, including blackjack and craps, is one of the most flexible betting systems available.

One of the most straightforward tactics you may learn is the Martingale method. Simply double your wager after each loss and go back to your original bet after each win to incorporate it into your play.

System of D’alembert

The D’Alembert technique is as easy to use as the Martingale system. This harmful progression method raises the wager after each defeat to compensate for your losses.
Here’s how it goes: First, you must decide on your first wager. You should increase your wager by one unit after each loss, then return it to its original amount after a win.

System of Fibonacci

This technique can only be used if the initial bet, or the first number in the series, is worth one unit. The second wager should stay at one unit if something else is needed.
If still unsuccessful, the next bet, worth two units, must consider the following number in the sequence. The sequence must go on like this until the bet is won, at which point the player must return to two numbers.

System of oddsmaker Oscar

The Oscar’s Grind roulette betting strategy was developed in 1965, and its name alludes to the method’s methodical use. To maximize your chances of success, it is advised to apply this roulette strategy to European rather than American roulette. This is because the difference in the house advantage is significant.

The Paroli System

The Paroli system, also known as Reverse Martingale, is an easy-to-understand positive progression strategy. In actuality, its primary goal is to capitalize on winning streaks.

You need to choose an average wager and double it after each win until you have three wins in a row to put the Reverse Martingale or Paroli strategy into action. Go back to the usual bet if your wager is unsuccessful. Return to the usual bet if you win three times in a row.

James Bond roulette technique

You will place the same bet each time the roulette wheel spins if you use the James Bond betting method, which is a flat betting technique. You’ll see why this tactic is rather enjoyable in this section.

The 20 units used in this technique, which covers all betting ranges but 1–12, are placed. Out of the 20 units, five are thrown on the 13–18 line, 14 are placed on high, and the final unit is tossed on the zero.

As you can see, covering most of the roulette wheel increases your chances of winning; nevertheless, breaking a losing streak can be very difficult. Additionally, remember that this tactic keeps the odds in your favor despite what would seem to be the case.

Labouchere approach

The core principle of the Labouchere technique is to break down a large target into manageable chunks.

The best strategy to bet is to start by putting a wager that combines the leftmost and rightmost numbers in the previously specified sequence. Our first wager in this situation must be €9 (5+4). If our wager is successful, the two numbers can be removed from the sequence and replaced with the new leftmost and rightmost numbers.
System of Romanovsky roulette

Although the Romanovsky approach is one of the less well-known roulette techniques, it is still effective. Six further variations of this roulette method, numbered from Romanovsky Bet 1 through Romanovsky Bet 6, are also available. Before you begin, remember that this approach only works on roulette tables with a single zero, as with French or European roulette.


A player’s stake should be based on something other than the table’s higher odds to make large winnings. Every roulette strategy available seeks to increase your bankroll and, consequently, your enjoyment of the game. This applies to tactics for all online games, not just roulette games. Instead of trying to win big by betting the maximum amount, you’d have a better chance by choosing a low minimum wage and playing the game at your own pace.

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