Up to $160 OFF on Standing Desks, Ergonomic Chairs, Desk Bikes, etc.

Up to $160 OFF on Standing Desks, Ergonomic Chairs, Desk Bikes, etc.

Sale season spells a lot of excitement and almost equal stress for shoppers. Customers have to cram their shopping into a couple of stressful days, and sometimes they don’t even get the items they’ve waited so long for. World-renowned ergonomic furniture manufacturer, Flexispot is changing this. The Flexispot Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale lists were released early, with sale dates offering customers a bit more time to do their shopping.

During this season, shoppers are also looking to save the most on their shopping lists. Flexispot is also making its sale items as affordable as possible, with up to $160 off on its Black Friday and Cyber Monday product line. Standing desks, ergonomic chairs, desk bikes, desk converters, and more are all available at discounted prices.

For those looking to transform their workspaces, Flexispot Black Friday deals promise a world of difference with the latest products, including its new and wildly popular standing desks and desk bikes.

To take advantage of this opportunity, visit Flexispot to see the full list of items on offer and add them to your Wishlist.

Standing Desks

Flexispot is always working on improvements for its core technique of creating wildly popular standing desks. With a range of highly sought-after standing desks, Flexispot has pulled all the stops this black Friday to add as many of the products on its deals list. A range of Flexispot standing desks is on offer, from the Seiffen Laminated standing desks, Comhar series, the E1L L-shaped standing desk, Kana Bamboo, the E7 Pro Plus standing desk, including the height adjustable sewing table, and height adjustable drafting table.

Ergonomic chairs

As you start working on your year-end review and resolutions for the coming year, it is only fitting that you get a comfortable chair. Ergonomic chairs make a world of difference for desk-bound workers, making it easy for them to be productive and healthy. For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Soutiene Ergonomic chair and OC14 ergonomic chair are available at a discount of up to $70.

Desk Bikes

A healthy lifestyle involves exercising to keep your body fit, but with very little time left over from work, people easily fall into a sedentary lifestyle. Desk bikes help bridge this gap, offering the best of work and exercise anywhere. Flexispot’s coveted desk bikes are also on the sale list. Get yourself the V9 desk bike that has a price drop of up to $130, the V9 deskcise pro at $100 off, and the Sit-2-Go 2-in-1 fitness chair eco at $70 off.

Standing desk converters

Get your pick of a standing desk converter from the M7 AlcoveRise standing desk converter at $80 off or the ClassicRise M3 standing desk converter at $90 off.

Every deal counts!

There’s more to discover and more deals to enjoy, from adjustable bed bases with up to $150 off to whiteboards, desk tables, and other accessories. Visit Flexispot to catch these deals and upgrade your home and office with unbelievable savings.

Terms and Conditions

Please read the T&Cs of Flexispots Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales on the website. These discounts are a limited-time offer and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. All sales will close on 30th November 2022.

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