Remodeling Your Home: Turn Your Old Home into a Modern Abode

Remodeling Your Home: Turn Your Old Home into a Modern Abode

Home is where the heart is. Everyone loves a well-decorated home. Not only does it work as a cozy shelter, but it also lightens the mood. In this age of Pinterest and millions of modern home decor ideas, most of us have a wish list of how we want our homes to be. If you own an old house you want to remodel or simply want to change the decor of your new house, read on. In this article, we have some affordable yet creative home renovation ideas that can turn your home into a modern abode.


There are many ideas to turn your old and monotonous kitchen into a modern one. The easiest way to change the look of your kitchen is to change the flooring. If you have a high-maintenance wooden floor, you might want to change it to something that’s washable and stays lint-free. Stone tiles, ceramic, and porcelain floors are popular options for a modern look. You can also consider plank flooring if you’re looking for a low-maintenance floor.

When redesigning your kitchen, you must be creative and resourceful with the things you already have.] If you have a simple unused kitchen island, you can use an accent color, add a few barstools, and turn it into a breakfast bar. A refrigerator takes up a lot of space in the kitchen. If you have a pantry, integrate the fridge with it to save some space. And finally, use vibrant colors to paint your wall cabinets to give your kitchen a pop of color.


Rather than going for an expensive remodeling, you can tweak the colors and existing furniture to give your bedroom a complete and modern look. You can add an accent wall right behind the bed and hang pictures on it. Match the color of the curtains and pillowcase to the accent wall. Throw a rug on the floor and add an armchair in a corner (possibly by the window). Change the lighting. Warm light makes a place cozy, and bedrooms are perfect for it. Changing the flooring is also one way to change the bedroom look.

Closet Space

Turn your boring closet space into a well-accommodating, spacious storage with a few simple hacks. Try to utilize the space to the maximum by adding more shelves to it. Keep one space to hang clothes and add space for the rest.

If you have two different closets in two adjacent bedrooms, you could remove the dividing wall to create a large closet. Add shelves as required.

If the doors take up too much space, you can add a bifold door for optimum access and ease of use. If your closet is small, add a sliding door for a sleek look. Use baskets or organizers to further utilize the limited space.

Dining Room

Dining room makeovers are pretty hassle-free if you’re only looking to change the look and not adding or removing the walls. Pick from rustic, contemporary, or any theme you like, and adjust the decor accordingly. Paint the walls a light color to keep a breezy look. Match the color of the dining chairs and accessories to complete the look.

If you have a small dining room but have more members, you can choose a space-saving foldable table and lay it out during mealtimes. Changing the upholstery to a vibrant color or fabric of your choice can also spice up the ambiance. Pair the look with a modern or rustic light fixture of bright light. You can also replace a couple of chairs with a dining bench to add a modern touch to the look.


A small bathroom can look big if you know the correct remodeling hacks. The most basic hack is to change the flooring. If you want a spill-free, low-maintenance floor, go for epoxy or polished concrete. However, they have their pros and cons, so research well before opting for one.

Replace the cabinets in the bathroom with open shelves to create breathable space. If a shower stall makes the room too congested, opt for frameless, transparent glass walls to divide the shower space from the rest. Add a large mirror to the room to make the space look bigger. Avoid using two-toned tiles on the wall. Use a light color uniformly, as it also makes the bathroom appear more spacious.


If you have an unused patio, you can easily turn it into a party or hangout space with a few simple steps. Invest in good patio furniture while keeping the weather changes and conditions in mind. Adding a couch, a couple of tables, and chairs can change the look of your boring patio. While buying furniture for the outdoors, pay attention to its color and keep the theme in mind.

Patio remodeling can be expensive if you want to change the structure and add something like a fireplace. Fix a budget before remodeling to prevent overspending.

Remodeling your home can be a real challenge if you don’t have a plan or don’t know what you’re looking for. Depending on your budget and expectations, you can try pulling it off on your own, or hiring contractors or interior designers to get the job done. However, communicate the requirements well with your contractors to avoid disappointments.

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