What are the Main Tennis Competitions?

What are the Main Tennis Competitions?

Tennis has evolved into one of the most frequently watched sports in the world as it now attracts viewers from all across the globe ahead of the many major tournaments that are always on display, with a portion of these often being ranked as some of the most prestigious competitions that the sporting world has to offer.

Sports fans and punters alike who are new to the sport of tennis may already be aware of some of the game’s most illustrious names and venues, yet there are plenty of other unique amenities that the sport offers to all casual viewers.

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Some of tennis’ most frequent viewers will have their own opinions as to which tournament is truly the stand-out crown to win, yet fans can usually come together in union as to which competitions are often well worth the watch on any given matchday.

These are the top five most coveted tennis tournaments:

  • Wimbledon:

Perhaps the most widely famous tennis tournament on the planet today due to its prosperous history, unique tradition and venue of choice, the annual Wimbledon tournament is one of the proudest stages out of all major sports.

This can be reflected in the overall viewing numbers for the most recent 2022 rendition of the event that was won by Novak Djokovic over fan favourite Nick Kyrgios, with the BBC drawing in as many as 53.8 million viewers who tuned into the online broadcast alone, with a further 7.5million viewers for the Men’s final.

There are countless incredible moments that are forever etched into sporting history with the fabled gold trophy being one of the grandest prizes available for any aspiring tennis star.

  • US Open:

Set in the National Tennis Centre, located in New York, the US Open is the fourth and final Grand Slam event of the professional tennis season, with this event often bringing a multitude of quality both on and off the court.

The always raucous and vibrant New York atmosphere is a tremendous draw for most tennis fans with the city itself being a magnificent hotspot for all attending fans of the event.

Both the men’s and women’s competitors are paid a similar fee of prize money for the event with the winner earning an impressive $ 2.6 million and runners-up taking home $ 1.3 million for their efforts.

It’s truly an unmissable event for all tennis fans and can provide any visiting spectator with a wide variety of fun and enjoyment across the entire tournament’s tenure.

  • Australian Open:

The country of Australia is one of the world’s most crazed sporting nations, with tennis being of no consolation.

The Aussie Open is the first of the four Grand Slam tournaments and has become synonymous with the Melbourne Park venue since 1988 due to its intriguing hard-court surface.

Fans at the event are always immensely passionate towards the sports’ most established star names and it helps create a unique atmosphere that is well worth the cost at admission when entering the esteemed venue.

  • French Open:

All of the major Grand Slam tournaments are well worth the cost of tuning into games for any sports fan with the French rendition, set in the nation’s capital of Paris, still remaining just as an impression of a setting as all others.

What makes the French Open so unique is that the court is made solely out of clay which can make for some scintillating encounters between some of the world’s top names, with Rafael Nadal being the competition’s most frequent winner.

Paris is also a remarkable city to explore for any fans heading out to the event and it makes for some of the most stunning sceneries that is present at any sporting tournament.

  • BNP Paribas Open:

The US Open is not the only major tennis tournament hosted in the States, as the BNP Paribas Open takes place at the massive Indian Wells Tennis Garden in California.

The four major Grand Slam events are without question the most popular for professional tennis athletes, yet this competition may rank as one of the top tournaments due to its high attendance numbers and high calibre of action featuring the best players on the planet.

Overall, fans might provide their own incentive as to which tournament may rank as the top event outside the Grand Slam, yet the BNP Paribas Open deserves major credit for its attractive venue and location in the sports-mad state of California.

These are just a few of the many exceptional events that draw in major numbers of tennis fans from across the world, as there is plenty of high-profile tennis action for fans to catch a glimpse of throughout the course of the campaign that continues to draw in mass numbers of spectators for every annual event.

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