Kandalló Pub, the place for Special Burgers

Kandalló Pub, the place for Special Burgers

Have you ever heard of the unique and delicious Hungarian cuisine? Do you want to try the tasty Hungarian flavours? Come to Budapest, where you can taste not only goulash, stuffed cabbage, fish soup and many other authentic Hungarian meals, but also special desserts.

The speciality of Budapest fairs is the kürtös kalács (chimney cake), a highly popular street food pastry these days. Baked over charcoal, this delicious treat is available in different sizes and in a variety of flavours, including cinnamon, cocoa, coconut, vanilla, walnut. Chimney cakes are not only popular with youngsters, the crunchy inside and crispy outside are the favourites of adults too.

Another popular Hungarian dessert is the walnut and poppy seed bejgli, which can be found on almost every Hungarian family’s table at Christmas. Bejgli has a long tradition in many European countries, most notably in Poland and Hungary. In the past, poppy seeds were believed to bring abundance and wealth, while walnuts were believed to protect against evil. Since then, there have been numerous variations, such as the hazelnut-cream bejgli, which is also not to be missed.

If you’re looking for something a little more special than Hungarian food, visit one of the best pubs in Budapest. The Kandalló Pub offers heavenly burgers. You’re guaranteed to taste one of the best burgers in Budapest, at 33 Kertész Street, where you can find us every day between 12:00 and 24:00. We also make vegan burgers, and we take into consideration the special needs of our food-sensitive customers, just let us know when ordering.

If that’s not enough, we serve classic and specialty craft beers from 16 taps. The beer list currently on tap can be found on the UNTAPPD website at any time.

What better proof that we strive to provide the finest food and drink to our visitors is the numerous awards we’ve won over the years:

– Heineken Nightlife Awards – Best Craft Pub

– Dining Guide – Top10 Gastro Pub

– Dining Guide – Top5 Hamburger

– Dining Guide – Top100 restaurants

– The Guardian – Top10 Craft Beer Bar

– Hungarian Street Food Awards

– Hungarian Kitchen – Top10 Gourmet Burgers

– Hungarian Kitchen – Top10 Craft Beer Bar

We also cater to NFL fans by broadcasting all games. Come to us with a small or a big group, choose from our menu and have a good time. If you want the best burgers and the best beers, make a reservation today.

Contact us:

Kandalló Pub Budapest

Web: https://kandallopub.hu/

Phone: +36 20 369 5925

E-mail: info@kandallopub.hu

Facebook: facebook.com/kandallopub

Instagram: @kandallopub

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