Understanding TIPS Training and Why You Should Get it?

Understanding TIPS Training and Why You Should Get it?

TIPS TrainingHowever, it’s a high-risk and high-reward kind of situation. Of course, you don’t want your business to be in danger when you serve alcohol to youths and cause car accidents.

Also, you never want to deal with the risks of intoxicated guests. With that, there are companies that will set up a certification program called the Training for Intervention Procedures. This training will educate employees of restaurants to handle with risks.

The program has been implemented for years now, as it covers the legal obligations of the establishments, understanding the effects of alcohol on the consumers, and provide alcohol services responsibly in a friendly manner. It also covers identifying intoxication and IDS, allowing employees to deal with real-life situations.

If you want to know more about the TIPS program and its importance, keep reading!

A Better Understanding of TIPS

A busy restaurant could easily get overwhelmed due to the arrival of people coming to the door and sitting at the bar to grab drinks. As servers and bartenders are busy accommodating each patron’s demands, it would be easier for them to overlook any signs of intoxication.

As humans, we could make lapses in our judgment and go wrong in stopping and thinking when we should. While mistakes are still mistakes, some may have bigger consequences than others.

So, to avoid these consequences from happening, the TIPS program was developed to train alcohol servers to detect any signs of intoxication to prevent drunk driving and even underage driving. Because whether we like it or not, the restaurants would get involved and become their liability if something happens to the customers.

Good thing there are already a lot of sites that offer TIPS certification, just as the gettips.com. Because of these programs offered by companies, there are already an overwhelming number of participants as the course is designed for all needs and can now be completed through online video-based software.

Other insurance companies will give discounts for taking the training in place. Knowing that the certificate is nationally recognized, it’s an easy way to prove that the restaurant has trained staff. With that, the insurance companies would like to know the threat to the property that is being controlled.

Why do Employees Need to Take TIPS Training?

The TIPS training program will give employers and employees many benefits from public safety, insurance, and legal standpoint.

  • The employees will be trained to make better judgments before they serve alcohol to intoxicated patrons, or they will be confident enough to deal with intoxicated customers.
  • It gives them the idea of controlling the environment, so drinking never goes out of hand.
  • Penalties would be reduced for possible alcohol violations, especially in 3rd party liability claims, where the “reasonable efforts defense” may be used as an excuse for the wrongdoing.
  • It will satisfy the requirements of the state for mandatory alcohol server training. The regulations would vary from state to state. However, some jurisdictions or cities do if the state does not require training.
  • It lessens human tragedies like death or injuries because of drunk driving.

With this, it will keep the customers from getting intoxicated and keep the place of business comfortable for the guests. It will show them that you care about their safety.

Warning Signs of Intoxication and How to Deal with Them 

If you will ever be in a situation where the customer is intoxicated and incapable of driving, it would be your responsibility to stop them from leaving. This will benefit not just protect the restaurant but also the public safety of people on the road.

Perhaps you ask someone to call the police and make an excuse according to why the drunk customer can’t ever leave the restaurant. One good example is the malfunctioning of the credit card machine, and it would take a few minutes before it is up and running.

Guidelines for Setting Up a TIPS Certification at the Restaurant

You can always contact and find a local TIPS trainer through the TIPS website, and one of them is gettips.com. The trainer could visit your location and give about 3-5 hours of sessions before they will administer the certification test. You can even send the TIPS training to your employees, especially when they are in another location.

Another option is the eTIPS. It’s an online TIPS training course that will allow employees to train anytime they want. You just must purchase an eTIPS training passport for the employees you want to undergo the TIPS or any alcohol training.


The TIPS training is not just for the sake of compliance. It will come a long way for you, the employees, the customers, and the restaurant. Earning the certificate will make a difference, as it offers the most effective alcohol service training.

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