Relocation to Romania: Customer Reviews about cooperation with Eucitizensship

Relocation to Romania: Customer Reviews about cooperation with Eucitizensship

Nowadays, Romania became one of those countries, which suggest people the better living conditions, and the better place for relocation. Moreover, the holders of its passport are equal will all the Europeans, which means they can easily move to the EU states without any restrictions.

If you are considering moving to Romania or just want to try life in the EU, you can do so by applying for a visa and live there until your visa expires. However, if you are serious about moving permanently and want to live/work or just travel a lot around the EU or a hundred other countries, you should think about getting an EU passport.

Eucitizensship will guide you through all the procedures and help you to pick the most convenient one. Reviews on the various websites can show you full picture of registering EU citizenship with the company, but also you can find out about it from that article.

Romanian citizenship with

To obtain Romanian passport every client of Eucitizensship should pass just 6 steps, which are:

  1. Search for necessary documents (after signing the agreement, the lawyers will help you to collect all the required papers);
  2. Preparation of the dossier (each of immigrants should prepare his/her dossier in accordance with the strict rules. For example, to prove your territorial affiliation in Romania, you should have a proof of homeownership / long-term residence permit / long-term leasing);
  3. Document submission (prepared dossier will be submitted to the Ministry of Justice on the clients’ behalf);
  4. Waiting for the order to be released (after the submitting procedure you will get the tracking number of your case, named dosar);
  5. Pledging the oath (one of the most exciting procedures is taking the oath of Allegiance. The client of should prepare really well to pass that step and obtain the citizenship certificate);
  6. Registration of internal documents (including ID card, TIN, international passport).

Nuances of cooperation with

If you want to start the cooperation with the lawyers (it does not matter of which of the company), you should be confident, that the experts will provide you with all needed information.

Here are the specific nuances of working with hich were marked by the clients of it.

  1. All the information about Eucitizensship’s assistance, as well as your duties will be included in the agreement. That is one of the most responsible steps – to learn that document, because it will show all your common work.
  2. Another nuance in the cooperation with Eucitizensship is the necessity of signing the power of attorney. That should be done to simplify your immigration process, because the lawyers will submit your documents to the authorized body on your behalf.
  3. All your papers should be translated into English. It does not matter which country you want to relocate from. However, the lawyers cannot know all the world languages, so the immigrant will need to make an effort to translate the papers.

Customer reviews on Eucitizensship

Customer reviews

Reviews presented on the Internet, showed us the real picture about cooperation with Company has its own conditions of working with the applicants. First of all, it is necessary to check them and make sure that they suit you.

Reviews from the Trusted Websites

Summary according to reviews and overview

All the procedures of registering the documents are quite complicated, and demand from the applicants a great attention and knowledge. In comparison with ordinary applicants, immigration lawyers easily pass the procedures, masterfully cope with issues. The legal work of the attorneys, their huge experience in international migration field and great skills of communication are pros of, which clients admit in their reviews.

To get a deep analysis of your case and make a convenient immigration plan, you just need to leave a request on Eucitizensship.

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