How the Winter Changes the Daily Duties of a Lawyer

How the Winter Changes the Daily Duties of a Lawyer

You may associate certain professions with “busy seasons” more than others. For example, it is well-known that accountants and tax professionals are absolutely slammed during tax season, and clearly seasonal jobs like lifeguards have a defined busy season.

However, some professions don’t have a clearly defined busy season. Lawyers, for example, work year round, and it would seem to the general public that their workload should be pretty consistent. However, if you consider the different types of lawyers and their specialities, there do seem to be certain seasons that are busier than others.

The winter, in particular, with the unpredictable weather in certain parts of the country, as well as the holiday season, can be a busy time for certain law specialties. Here is how the winter changes the daily duties of certain lawyers:

Slip and Fall Accidents

In the parts of the United States known for snow and ice in the winter, this season can be especially busy for a slip and fall lawyer or a personal injury lawyer. Clients may inundate these types of lawyers during the winter months with possible cases regarding slipping on ice or falling due to wetness from melted snow on a floor inside.

While a slip and fall lawyer may spend their regular time representing clients who fell due to lack of railings or faulty floor boards, during the winter, their daily duties may pivot to representing clients who fell due to lack of proper winter maintenance in icy parking lots, sidewalks, or even inside buildings. While the work is similar, it may be busier during the winter due to the weather.

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Car Accidents

Similarly, personal injury lawyers may be busier during the winter due to car accidents, caused by a variety of reasons associated with the season. Similar to slip and fall accidents, car accidents may also create more work for lawyers during the winter months due to the unpredictable weather.

Car accidents may also increase around the holiday season from late November to early January due to a variety of reasons from rushing to get shopping done to drinking and driving. Lawyers do see an increase in clients needing representation for car accidents during the holiday season, and this can change their daily duties accordingly.

The Holidays

As mentioned previously, car accidents can increase during the holidays, leading more people to seek legal representation. However, the holidays in general can also lead to other reasons for people contacting a lawyer.

For example, changing staffing and shifts over the holidays show lawyers an increase in pay disputes from employees as well as work-related injuries and accidents taking place on the job. Divorce lawyers also see a spike in business immediately after the holidays, as people wait until after the holidays are over to file for divorce.

As you can see, the winter months can be a busy season for some types of lawyers like personal injury and divorce lawyers due to things like the weather and the holidays. These reasons affect the daily duties of the lawyers and what they can expect to focus on in a regular day during the winter months.

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