Dental Care: Restoring The Beauty of Your Smile Again

Dental Care: Restoring The Beauty of Your Smile Again

Many people refuse to smile today because they don’t like the way their teeth look. This may be because they have missing or failing teeth or the teeth are stained, crooked, or unattractive in some other way. With the help of a dentist, the person’s smile can be restored so they want to share it with everyone they meet.

A person might avoid the dentist because they have a phobia, or it might be a matter of the person not being able to pay for dental care. However, some people avoid the dentist because they are embarrassed by how bad their teeth are. Don’t put off looking for a new dentist for this reason.

A dentist will never judge a person for their poor oral health. In fact, they often enjoy seeing these patients the most. They love helping a patient transform their smile and improve their self-confidence.

How can they help individuals overcome their dental issues? There are many treatments available that may be used during a smile makeover. The following treatments are some of the most commonly requested ones.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening remains the most popular cosmetic dental treatment today. Every person wants dazzling white teeth. With the help of their dentist, they can achieve that goal.

Don’t assume the whitening kits offered in stores will provide the same results as those obtained when the dentist does this work. The dentist uses a much stronger solution than what is sold over the counter, so the results are more dramatic.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the choice of many people today who would have otherwise needed dentures. The implant replaces the natural tooth root, so the tooth won’t slip and interfere with their speech or ability to eat. In addition, bone loss becomes less of a concern when a person chooses an implant over dentures.

The implant process takes time, as the implant must fuse with the jawbone. However, when cared for properly, it should last a lifetime. The crown which attaches to the implant, however, will need to be replaced throughout the person’s life. Expect to replace this crown every 10 to 15 years.

All on Four

In addition, dentists now offer the option of all on four. This treatment is a combination of dentures and dental implants. With this option, the dentist places four implants in the jawbone and allows them to fuse, much like an individual dental implant.

Where the treatment differs is a full set of dentures is then attached to the four implants to replace all teeth in the mouth. The patient has a gorgeous smile once again without the expense of a full mouth of individual implants.

Additional Services

Other cosmetic dental procedures designed to improve the smile include dental veneers and dental bonding. The dentist works with each patient to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets their unique needs. With the right combination of treatments, some of which may be restorative rather than cosmetic in nature, every person can have a beautiful smile once again.

A person’s smile affects their social interactions and their mood. When a person smiles, their heart rate slows and they are better able to recover from stressful situations. Furthermore, smiling helps the brain develop a new neural messaging pattern. It encourages positive thinking while making a person more attractive. Make an appointment with a dentist today to create the perfect smile. With their help, doing so isn’t difficult.

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