Should you be playing viola or violin?

Should you be playing viola or violin?

Learning to play a musical instrument is a rewarding and fun activity. But the problem boils down to choosing the right instrument for you. Two of the famous string instruments are the viola and violin. Both instruments are fun to learn, but choosing among the two is particularly challenging. You must choose the right one for an enjoyable learning experience and long-term success as a musician. If this interests you, stick with us as we lay down the different factors to consider when choosing between viola or violin.

Here are some factors you must consider when choosing a viola or a violin.


Size is one of the crucial things to consider, especially the need to align it with your height and capability in handling such an instrument. In terms of size, viola is larger than the violin. For people with large hands or longer arms, viola is ideal. But if you have a smaller or shorter reach, then the violin would be more manageable.

By considering the size, you’ll choose an instrument that will be easy to play and provide you with an enjoyable experience.


Sound is another thing to consider. What sound or tone do you prefer in an instrument? The viola is a perfect choice if you want a warmer and deeper tone. But if you’re interested in a wider range that can offer flexibility in terms of music genres it can play, then go for a violin. It’s important to select an instrument that can produce the sound you like so you can feel motivated when playing it.


The repertoire is the complete list or collection of music pieces that an instrument or an ensemble can play. Regarding ensembles or orchestras, both the viola and violin have essential roles. But the violin has the more prominent solo role in a group performance. Viola, on the other hand, is more about a supporting role. Additionally, if you want to play country, folk, or other types of music, opt for the violin.


You’ll see violins and viola for sale out there, but what’s the right option regarding their cost? The answer depends on the budget you have. Violins are more expensive than violas. However, the price can still vary depending on the following factors.

  • Brand
  • Quality
  • Size

Some brands are less expensive, but there are also brands that offer a more expensive instrument partnered with high-quality craftsmanship. If you have the budget, we recommend getting a more expensive one because it can offer a more durable and amazing sound quality.


The best way to decide whether to play the viola or violin depends on your preferences. Before you choose, it would help to try and see which one feels more natural and enjoyable to you. Remember that both instruments require dedication and practice to master, so it’s important to pick the one that you feel most motivated to play.

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