The Benefits of Vaping With a Budsy

The Benefits of Vaping With a Budsy

A budsy is a water pipe disguised as a bottle designed for discreet smoking. It combines a classic outdoor water bottle with a high-performance cannabis bubbler system to create a hidden water pipe.

It is perfect for concerts, hiking and other active lifestyles. It also offers water filtration to enjoy your herb’s taste and aroma.

Discreet Smoking

When you’re looking for a way to discreetly smoke your cannabis without attracting attention, opting for a device designed specifically for this purpose is best. These devices come in a variety of shapes, colors, and finishes.

Puffco budsy is a water bottle bong perfect for those seeking to smoke discreetly. It looks like a Nalgene and has a removable silicone tab that keeps your fingertips safe as you remove the slide from the ceramic bowl to inhale the smoke.

Unlike other bongs, budsy features water filtration, which filters out ash, tar, and other impurities before inhaling. This helps you enjoy a better vaping experience and makes your weed tastes even more flavorful and dense!

The budsy is also shatter-resistant and easy to clean. Its plastic components are dishwasher-safe and can be cleaned with soap and water. It also has a hidden storage compartment to store your dry herbs.

Water Filtration

Water filtration is a critical process to ensure the quality of your drinking water. It reduces contaminants and removes harmful chemicals from your water source.

Drinking filtered water can help your body stay healthy and prevent illnesses. It also helps protect your teeth, skin, and stomach by removing chemicals and bacteria.

Similarly, water filtration is essential for your home or office. It reduces contaminants like metals, chemicals, industrial pollutants, cysts, VOCs, bacteria and viruses in your water supply.

A budsy bong is a smartly designed incognito bong disguised as a standard water bottle. Its compact design makes it ideal for taking with you on the go.


If you’re looking for a shatter-resistant bong, the budsy is the way to go! This vaporizer is made from BPA-free Tritan, a plastic material that’s shatter-resistant and food-safe.

It’s also incredibly sturdy and can withstand drops that decimate glass bongs. This means you can take it anywhere without worrying about damaging it.

The budsy features a down stem and disc perc that look natural, like a straw, so you can smoke discreetly. It also has a storage slot and a silicone tab to keep everything secure.

The budsy is a great way to enjoy your favorite dry herbs discreetly and conveniently. You only need a non-torch lighter to heat the herb and draw through the straw/mouthpiece. It’s easy to clean, too! The plastic components are dishwasher-safe and can be cleaned easily with soap and water. And the BPA-free Tritan is shatter-resistant, so it’s durable enough to withstand everyday bumps and falls.

Easy to Clean

The budsy is a discreet water pipe that resembles a classic Nalgene bottle. It’s ideal for concerts, hiking, and any other outdoor activity requiring discretion.

This incognito bong is made from BPA-free Tritan plastic that looks almost like glass but is extremely strong and durable. It’s shatter-resistant, tasteless, and easily cleaned with soap and water.

It features a straw mouthpiece and ceramic bowl piece hidden in a storage slot underneath the top lid. This allows the water pipe to be taken out without removing the bowl and used later.

This water pipe has advanced water filtration built into it, which filters out ash, tar, and other impurities that may be inhaled. It’s also easy to clean, and all plastic components are dishwasher-safe.

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