Common Fears Of The Elderly About Nursing Homes

Common Fears Of The Elderly About Nursing Homes

Society makes us believe a mistaken concept of nursing homes. It is often considered taboo to think and talk about living in an elderly care home. Many believe that when someone is relocated to nursing homes, it necessarily means that their family no longer cares about them. Not to mention the many conversations regarding poor facilities and assistance from the staff. As a result, this wrong information will turn into a fear that dominates the elderly people and their caregivers’ thoughts. The common fears of the elderly about nursing homes are as follows:

  • “It is expensive”

We cannot fully deny that living in a senior facility can increase monthly expenditure. However, the price to pay is worth the benefit. It can even be more affordable than paying a nurse to be a home care assistant. It is also possible to reduce financial responsibility by making the best use of social security, as well as selecting the aged care facility that meets the expectations and cost standards.

  • “It is boring”

Many elders believe that staying in a nursing home is not as free as living in their own house and neighbourhood. It is contradictory to the fact that aged care facility has a packed schedule of activities that all residents can enjoy. Board games night, art classes, language courses, beauty salons, outings, and baking sessions, all those leisure activities can be found in the schedule. It is up to the residents, whether they are willing to join these sessions that are mentioned or not. These activities are difficult to be carried out if the seniors live alone in their houses.

  • “I’m left all alone”

Oftentimes seniors think that they are separated from their families for good if they live in a nursing home. They will think that their family members will be too busy and will not have the time to visit them. They are concerned that they will not be able to meet their friends too. In this case, loneliness may haunt them. If this false belief is left unaddressed, they won’t be able to understand the fact that they can still maintain direct and virtual contact with their family and friends. Aged care facility also has a policy regarding visiting hours, some of them even provide fun activities that can involve both the elderly and family members. In case a family member is busy at the moment and can’t pay a visit, they will always have other residents and nursing staff who will be their friends at the facility. They are allowed to make voice or video calls with their loved ones outside of nursing homes.

Now that you have read about the misconceptions by the elderly about nursing homes, you can help to make them understand that living in a trusted nursing home like aged care Sutherland shire will be a pleasant experience. Eliminating these false beliefs will help your loved one to have a clearer picture of how senior living will bring them many benefits and put them at ease.

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