5 Catastrophic Injuries That Can Stem From An Auto Accident

5 Catastrophic Injuries That Can Stem From An Auto Accident

Traffic is slow today on your way to work. While sitting at the red light waiting to turn left you are making a mental list of things you have to do after work, and checking your email on your phone. The last thing you remember is reaching for your coffee and hearing a loud bang. You were just hit from behind from another vehicle. The next thing you remember is pain. As soon as you are able you need to look for an “auto accident attorney near me” online.

The statistics are shocking. In 2020 there were reportedly over 5 million collisions on U.S. roads. Car accidents happen every day, and if you drive, ride, or even walk alongside of the road where cars are present, there is always a chance that you could be involved in a motor vehicle accident. Accidents can result in major injuries to the victims, and below are five catastrophic injuries that too often occur in the event of motor vehicle collisions.

Catastrophic Injuries

Motor vehicle accidents can result in major injuries to the victims and are referred to as being “catastrophic”. Catastrophic injuries are described as, “A severe injury that causes life-altering damage or permanent disability” in the patient. Below are five examples of catastrophic injuries that often occur. When motor vehicle accidents of this caliber happen you should search for an “auto accident attorney near me” for help.

  1. Broken bones  Depending on the severity of the break, where the break is,  and how well the patient tolerates the recommended treatment plan, broken bones can take several weeks to even months to heal. During recovery you could be potentially immobilized for an extended period of time.
  2. Severe Burns  Exposure to steam from broken radiators, hot metal, debris from the accident, or other chemical burns are possible. Commonly airbags exploding from impact can cause chemical burns on the face and chest.
  3. Neck Injury  Commonly referred to as “whiplash”, neck injuries can lead to a significant amount of physical complications including pain, nerve damage, and dizziness just to name a few.
  4. Traumatic Brain Injury  Trauma to the brain occurs when there is a rapid forward or backward movement that slams the brain tissue into your skull essentially bruising your brain and sometimes tears tissue and destroys blood vessels. This can be a serious lifelong issue, or sometimes even fatal.
  5. Death  Sadly, as of 2020 statistics 1 out of 147 motor vehicle accidents are fatal.

There Is Help

Seek both medical and legal help as soon as possible. If your accident has caused loss of wages and medical bills, you are likely to suffer from multiple physical and financial issues.  With the exception of death, most of the above injuries will have an extended recovery of several weeks or months. Your treatment for the above injuries could be indeterminate, and the debilities life altering. Most often people will seek legal counsel by searching for an “auto accident attorney near me”.