Why you should spend a weekend playing FIFA 23, alone or with a friend

Why you should spend a weekend playing FIFA 23, alone or with a friend

All fans of football as a sport, or a way of spending leisure time, sooner or later come to the online version of the FIFA 23 football simulator.

Someone starts playing trying to compete with friends, someone accidentally finds out that there is a football simulator expressed in a computer game, but the fact remains – if you love football, you will sooner or later come to FIFA 23. After downloading the game, you can read the latest information and updates, lineup changes and just interesting news in the FIFA 23 Blog.

Reasons why people go to play FIFA 23

An opportunity to bring glory to your favorite team

FIFA 23 features many teams and the most popular leagues, up to the lesser known ones.

You can choose the team you like and take it through all the stages of development and improvement, take it to the cup finals of your country, the Champions League and lead to victory in the championship depending on the starting place and position.

You have to work with the standard budget that this team would have in real life. Of course, a conditional team from the third division of the English championship will be inferior to Barcelona or London’s Arsenal in terms of financial opportunities, but depending on the growth of the team and the work of scouts to attract talented and promising young people, you will be able to achieve good financial growth, which will allow you to sign any players and even world stars – if you have enough budget to cover their contract requirements and monthly salary.

Thoughtful online mode

FIFA 23 has its own online division and matchmaking system for each team.

This means that by choosing for example PSG LGD you will not get the original current squad, but will only have a secondary reserve, which will be supplemented by any players that you can get randomly from the sets or get in the transfer window.

Each player starts several matches so that the system can determine his level and send him to the division corresponding to his current level of play. This is necessary to maintain balance and comfort for players with different skill levels.


Winning matches will speed up your transition to a higher level division, and defeats, on the contrary, will bring you closer to weaker players.

To improve your chances, earn fifa coins, buy or find more technical players and progress in tactics and chemistry to increase the potential of the team and increase the percentage of wins

FIFA 23 has a variety of playable knockout tournaments that will give you an indispensable gaming experience and the opportunity to play against different opponents. Winning or losing is nominal, because if you win, you will receive fifa coins, and if you lose, you will also receive game coins, but in a smaller amount – the main thing is experience, the opportunity to look at other game lineups collected by other players and get rid of the jitters in games against strong opponents.

Play against a friend

You have several options to find out which of you is the best player in FIFA 23 football simulator

  1. Play against each other in a simple match with full access to all players from the selected team. You can even play for the national team – the game does not limit your selection in any way, even the team of superstars of the current generation and the sample of the last century is available.
  2. Start playing together in online mode and get into the same division – this will make it possible to play matches both against each other and support a friend on a joint path to a more valuable division.
  3. Play on the same PC or PS – the oldest and best way to compete with each other. For the PC version, you will need gamepads, but now there are no problems with their availability for purchase. The coolest format of confrontations with real and instant emotions, closing the keys when taking penalties and free kicks, shouting and swearing in places make a joint game in FIFA in no way inferior to Mortal Kombat and Tekken in terms of emotions and pleasure.

Play one-time missions

FIFA can even offer solutions to simulated situations – you need to fulfill all the conditions of the task and solve them in a strictly specified way by the game.

This adds variety to the game modes and makes you think on the football field over every game moment and select different combinations to solve.

For example, you are given a canopy and your task is to outweigh the ball over your opponent and score a goal with your head. You need not only to overtake your opponent, but also to jump over him and deceive the goalkeeper to score a goal. Any carelessness will lead to the interception of the ball by the goalkeeper, or knocking it out by the defenders, and everything will have to start over.

The mode is called moments and offers a wide range of interesting tasks with a variety of solutions, including a place for creativity.


For players who like to act as a coach, and not control the course of a game match, there is a challenge mode.

It consists in performing coaching work and solving the problems of the club for in-game awards.

For example, it is necessary to solve the tasks set by the board of directors to find new players with strict adherence to the budget and certain characteristics.

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